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Review: Knight Terrors #2

Overview: The search for the Nightmare Stone continues in Knight Terrors #2, as Deadman and the original Sandman track down Red Tornado.

Synopsis (Spoilers ahead): Our story picks right up exactly where we left off: In the cemetery with Boston Brand, Deadman, still inhibiting Batman’s body and the newly resurrected Sandman (Wesley Dodds). “I saw glimpses of his (Insomnia’s) mind… I saw you. Any idea why?”

We jump back in time to one of the Sandman’s first cases involving the Nightmare Stone and a cult. Just before a man is about to plunge a knife into a human sacrifice, the Sandman jumps in, gassing the room and releasing the captive. The captive goes for the knife and plunges it into his chest just as a skull-shaped stone begins to form. The other members try to kill themselves as well, to fully bring the stone into existence, but they are all saved by previous actions taken by the Sandman.

We cut to Insomnia in the dream of the son of the cult leader. Not finding the Nightmare Stone, he explodes the son into gold coins.

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