Webtoon Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #97-99
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Webtoon Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #97-99

By Stephanie Mounce, TBU

It’s been another exciting three weeks of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, which means it’s time for another review! Ian and Steph have been enjoying reading these comic episodes that anyone can explore for free on the wonderful Webtoon platform.

Steph: Ian, I am so excited to talk about Batman: Wayne Family Adventures with you, especially this first episode. Do you know why?

Ian: Was it because it’s “Wonderful?” 😉

Steph: Well, yes, episode #97 was called “Wonderful,” because of Wonder Woman’s first appearance, but also for another reason, in my opinion.

Ian: AHA! It is the return of BAT COW!

Steph: And Alfred the Cat!

Ian: The Bat-Menagerie is always a cause for celebration!

Steph: At first I thought the cat was Isis and that Selina would be coming in to have an opinion about Diana being there, but this ended up being a “Wonder Woman loves all the animals” episode, and I was so tickled.

Ian: It was a really great bit of characterization for all involved – Diana’s strength and compassion and enthusiasm, Bruce’s attempt to stay on task but also care for his friend and son, and, of course, seeing Goliath is always a great memory from the underrated Robin: Son of Batman series

Steph: I loved how they changed Goliath’s attitude from fierce to cuddly. A very fun spin.

Ian: Definitely a nice nod to Diana’s connection with animals!
Not as well known (or memed) as Aquaman and talking to fishes, but a great power.

Steph: What did you think of Diana’s physical appearance? I loved that they leaned into her muscles and strength, but still kept her beautiful.

Ian: Agreed – I think Starbite had a really great design and rendering for her!
(Once again I think that DC and Webtoon should get a Kent Family Adventures and Prince Family Adventures up and running!)

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