Review: Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1
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Review: Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1

Overview: In our review of Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1, Jim Gordon faces two of his worst nightmares – the people of Gotham ripping themselves and the city apart, and powerful demonic entities amusing themselves by accelerating that process.
Synopsis (Spoilers ahead): “The Good People of Gotham” part one:

knight terrors detective comics 1 variant coverAt the grave of his son, Jim Gordon feels snow in July. After getting a text from Babs, he goes home to the boy Sorrow with pizza. Sorrow senses powerful entities being summoned to Gotham. These three beings see that they are being summoned to Insomnia’s dream world. Sorrow jumps out the window to stop the beings, and Jim follows. They find three masked Gothamites who summoned the beings, asking for gifts to “save” Gotham – might, wealth, and knowledge. The beings grant them gifts, leading to one of the summoners obliterating Sorrow when he attacks.

Jim, distraught, is knocked out but not killed. When he wakes, he calls Harvey about the “Good People of Gotham,” the summoners. Harvey says that Rookie, the Batman armor Jim wore and worked with in the Superheavy storyline, is active in Gotham again. Punching a wall, Jim discovered his body is brittle like glass. Following the trail of seven bodies, he finds the Knight Terror Rookie, but trying to shoot his gun breaks his fragile wrist. Knight Terror Rookie says Jim should help him “save” Gotham, then leaves for more “justice.” Jim tries to follow, but his foot snaps. He sees the Beings, and rages that he didn’t want a gift. This confuses the Beings.

Following the name Knight Terror Rookie gave him, Jim confronts Angelica Vanderbar, wealthy tax evader, but finds that she asked for wealth, and now vomits diamonds, cutting her from the inside out. When Jim tries to clear her airway, his fingers break off. The Beings watch, amused.

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