Webtoon Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #91-93
The Batman Universe

Webtoon Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #91-93

By Stephanie Mounce, TBU

Another three weeks, another three episodes of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, that means another Webtoon review from Steph and Ian! The two friends were so excited to talk about this next batch of episodes. Let’s find out why.

Steph: Ian! No time intro. You ready to talk about Cassandra Cain (Orphan) and Damian Wayne (Robin)? Last we left, they were in a real pickle in episode #91 “What I Want (Part 2)”!

Ian: I am so ready! What do you think about the way our Wayne Family Adventures team resolved the intense situation that Cass and Damian found themselves in?

Steph: Well, honestly, it was a little predictable. But, I don’t think the point was getting out of Mad Hatter’s (Jervis Tetch) trap as much as it was about seeing how important the Bat-Family has become to Cass. Though, I will say, that was an intense, beautiful image of Orphan at the start, with Damian’s desperate plea for her to wake up.

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