Webtoon Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #94-96
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Webtoon Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #94-96

Phew! This summer has been hot! Thankfully, Ian and Steph have something fun to do in the A/C…read Batman: Wayne Family Adventures! Let’s see what they thought of these last 3 weeks of episodes in their Wayne Family Adventures review!

Steph: Hi Ian! How’ve you been?

Ian: Pretty well! Just reading Batman: Wayne Family Adventures and writing furiously! 🙂

Steph: Great! That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. We’ve got three more episodes to talk about, starting with #94 “A Little Help From Friends”.

Ian: Oh, man, this episode was FANTASTIC

Steph: Introducing Arthur Curry, Aquaman!

Ian: I am in no little ways biased because Aquaman seeks help from the one, the only, Stephanie Brown!

Steph: And Luke Fox helps too!

Ian: Loved seeing good ol’ Batwing again! It’s been too long!

Steph: What did you think of the Bat-family passing him along from person to person?

Ian: I think they all just really wanted to meet Aquaman. Arthur is super cool, after all!

Steph: That’s a good point. The villain is taken out pretty quickly and easily, but obviously that’s not the point of the episode. What did you think of the “nasty Gotham water” gag?

Ian: Well, obviously this is a more polluted Gotham City than in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, hilariously, but it was really funny!

Steph: I’ll ask, because I can’t not. What did you think of Steph’s appearance, as in, her character?

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