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Review: Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #4

In this review of Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #4, there’s only one chance for Jean-Luc Picard to graduate from Starfleet Academy early. Is he truly ready?


Title:  Star Trek:  Picard’s Academy #4
Writer: Sam Maggs
Artist:  Ornella Greco
Color Artist: Carlie Kirchoff
Letterer:  Jeff Eckleberry


This review contains spoilers


picard's academy #4 main coverStar Trek : Picard’s Academy #4

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #4 begins with as the class gathers at the transporter room, they are given a debriefing of the test at hand.They will board the very real ship The Artemis. The Romulus ships they will encounter are real and run by AI, any Romulus will be holo-generated. The Romulus are very capable of boarding and attacking the crew. In order to be successful, the crew must work together.

Resh and Picard immediately start making snide remarks at each other. The test will be monitored by the professors as is evident by their faces on the view screen. Picard takes the captain’s chair and orders maneuver D. There is some confusion as to what Maneuver D is, it is waiting until the enemy is coming at them. Then they drop below them jamming their trackers because they will be off of the viewport. They maneuver behind the enemy and either flee or attack. Rest likes the plan and Picard orders the maneuver. 

Suddenly there is an emergency shutdown and the ship powers down, nothing is working. The professors cannot be reached. Picard orders everyone to Engineering. Soon they are faced with boarding Romulans. K and Nir suggest they engage the borders while Doq and the others make their way to Engineering. The two force the Romulans into the holodeck and Picard leads Marty and the others to Engineering. Doq gets functionality back on line but communications are still down. Doq suggests the others head back to the bridge. Picard leads Marty, K, and Nir back to the bridge. When they get there the situation is very bad.



There is nothing different about the art in Picard’s Academy #4. Each character has a distinctive look and now we get a representation of a Starfleet bridge. The Romulans’ ships have a very interesting design. Some of the panels make them look more like pointed Starfleet vessels and others make them look like they have a cape on the back, an interesting design. 

There is a hand to hand action sequence here but it is far too short and the holodeck program the Romulans get trapped in looks like a Vegas street with a possible easter egg of Markham.

Story wise the main interesting detail is the vanishing Resh. He is on Tahoe bridge and we see him with the rest of the crew heading down to Engineering. When the Romulans attack he disappears and is not seen in any panel after that. Could he have been the reason for the Artemis’s system malfunction?


Final Thoughts

Not much to move the plot forward. This is the big test day and it is already a problem. I will say that the hologram Romulans appear to be solid enough though.


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Review: Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #4
Final Thoughts
Not much to move the plot forward. This is the big test day and it is already a problem. I will say that the hologram Romulans appear to be solid enough though.
Overall Score
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