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Skybound Introduces Springer in this First Look at Void Rivals #9

This first look at Void Rivals #9 introduces a new, but familiar character to the universe consisting of Void Rivals, Transformers, and G.I. Joe.


Skybound and Image Comics provided a first look at Void Rivals #9, the latest addition to the Energon Universe’s lead-off series. Unlike the last few issues that focused exclusively on the adventures of Darak and Solila as they attempted to escape the pursuit of Proximus, the first look at Void Rivals #9 reveals that the duo will be introduced to a new character (to them), but one fans of the popular series Transformers will recognize. As seen in the covers below, Springer will make its debut to the Energon Universe.

Transformers fans will remember Springer. It’s the Autobot warrior that actually has the ability to transform into more than one vehicle. The Autobot can transform into a futuristic car and a helicopter in addition to its robot form. And depending on the continuity you follow, Springer was chosen as a successor to the Matrix of Leadership, making Springer the leader of the Autobots.

Enjoy this first look at Void Rivals #9 with covers and images provided by Skybound Entertainment. And as always, check back here at The Comic Book Spot for our review of the issue.


Void Rivals #9 Covers
      • Void Rivals #9 Cover A by Lorenzo De Felici (Lunar Code 0324IM301)
      • Void Rivals #9 Cover B by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Lunar Code 0324IM302)
      • Void Rivals #9 Cover C (1:10 Copy Incentive – Connecting) by André Lima Araújo & Chris O’Halloran (Lunar Code 0324IM303)
      • Void Rivals #9 Cover D (1:25 Copy Incentive) by Caspar Wijngaard (Lunar Code 0324IM304)
      • Void Rivals #9 Cover E (1:50 Copy Incentive) by Tonci Zonjic (Lunar Code 0324IM305)


From the press release:

Today Skybound and Image Comics, in collaboration with leading toy and game company Hasbro, revealed a stacked lineup of variant covers alongside interior pages from Void Rivals #9, the next chapter of the blockbuster series from the Oblivion Song team of Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead) and Lorenzo De Felici (Kroma), along with colorist Patricio Delpeche (The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country), and letterer Rus Wooton (Fire Power). The latest issue of the epic space opera hits comic book shops on May 22, 2024.


Each issue of Void Rivals promises to take readers further into the Energon Universe, with more familiar faces to appear. In Void Rivals #9, Darak and Solila cling to life deep in the wasteland and find–SPRINGER?! It’s the first Energon Universe appearance of everyone’s favorite Triple-Changer Autobot!


Void Rivals #9 will feature a main cover by De Felici, along with a stacked lineup of variant covers by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, André Lima Araújo & Chris O’Halloran, Caspar Wijngaard, and Tonci Zonjic.


First look at Void Rivals #9, pages 1-4

first look at void rivals #9 page 1




Void Rivals #9 will be available at comic book shops everywhere and digital platforms like Amazon, on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

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