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Skybound Reveals a First Look at Transformers #3

Skybound Comics released a first look at Transformers #3 from writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson with colors from Mike Spicer.


TRANSFORMERS #3 continues the Energon Universe and the all-new era of the iconic TRANSFORMERS franchise from Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity, Do a Powerbomb) and colorist Mike Spicer (Stillwater, Murder Falcon). Outnumbered and overpowered, it’s time for the Autobots to stand their ground, as Optimus Prime goes toe-to-toe with Skywarp!  

In addition to the main cover by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, the stacked list of variant covers for TRANSFORMERS #3 includes a cover by Taurin Clarke (Black Panther), a 1:10 incentive variant continuing the connecting cover series by Orlando Arocena (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), a 1:25 incentive variant by Matias Bergara (Coda), and a 1:50 incentive variant by Nick Dragotta (Creepshow).


Check out the variants below in this first look at Transformers #3.


First Look at Transformers #3 Covers


  • TRANSFORMERS #3 Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer
  • TRANSFORMERS #3 Cover B by Taurin Clarke
  • TRANSFORMERS #3 Cover C (1:10 Copy Incentive) by Orlando Arocena
  • TRANSFORMERS #3 Cover D (1:25 Copy Incentive) by Matias Bergara
  • TRANSFORMERS #3 Cover E (1:50 Copy Incentive) by Nick Dragotta


The Energon Universe officially began in June 2023 with the surprise first appearance of iconic TRANSFORMERS character Jetfire in Void Rivals #1, introducing the historic new collaboration between Hasbro and Skybound, with TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics finding a new home with the publisher.

The Energon Universe expands in December with Duke #1, a limited series from Joshua Williamson (DC’s Superman, Dark Ride), Tom Reilly (The Thing) and Jordie Bellaire (W0rldtr33). This will be followed by the launch of Cobra Commander #1 in January 2024, from Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana (Impact Winter: Rook) and Annalisa Leoni (Oblivion Song). Fans should expect can’t-miss moments from every issue of the Energon Universe, as secrets are unveiled along the path to answering the BIG questions, including #WhereIsMegatron.



First Look at Transformers #3 Pages

first look at transformers #3 page panel

Transformers #3 will be available in comic book shops everywhere and digital platforms on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.


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