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Review: X-Men Wedding Special

In this of X-Men: The Wedding Special #1, we find a compilation issue celebrating Pride through the renewal of vows of Mystique and Destiny.


x-men: the wedding special #1 main cover
X-Men: The Wedding Special #1 main cover by Jan Bazaldua

The  X-Men Wedding Special Issue 1
Writer: Various
Artist:  Various
Color Artist: Various
Cover:  Jan Baxaldua (She/Her) & Rachelle Rosenberg (She/Her)
Variant Covers:  Russel Dauterman (He/Him); Jesseca Fong (She/Her); Luciano Vecchio (He/Him)
Release Date:  May 29, 2024


This review contains spoilers





Title:  Something borrowed, Something Blue
Writer:  Kieron Gillen (He/Him)
Artist: Rachael Stott (She/Her)
Color Artist:  Michael Bartolo (He/Him)



Irene Adler, Destiny and Mystique, Raven Darkholm prepare for their big day. Raven is trying to decide which firearm she should pack. Irene suggests both and Raven tells her future wife that she wants to be elegant. Just then Rogue and Nightcrawler arrive, both dressed in suits. They came to see if they needed anything. After some small talk Irene asks Rogue if all the guests have arrived. Rogue says they have but she wonders why Saturnyne was not invited. Irine just says it’s complicated. Raven pushes the two kids out and the two start to open some packages.

Later Irene approaches her partner, she comforts her saying that everything will be glorious. Colossus brings in one last gift and it is from Mr Sinister. We do not see what it is but it is everything they wanted.



The art is great. I appreciated the designs of both Mystique and Destiny. Mystique is dressed in a white wedding gown and Mystique is wearing a lavender suit. 

The story is very sweet. In essence it is the new family getting together just before the vows. It is refreshing to see the children happy for both of their “mamas”. Rogue is especially fond of calling Irene her mama.

This is a sweet opening story with just enough mystery to peak interest.


Today’s the big day. (Images courtesy of Marvel Comics)



Title:  Wedding Gatecrashers
Writer:  Tini Howard (She/Her)
Artist:  Phillip Sevy (He/Him)
Color Artist: KJ Diaz (He/Him)



The couple Betsy Braddock and Rachel Summers awaken and start to get ready for the wedding. First they have a small disaster to deal with. They call the Captain Britain Corps, multiversal variants. They are currently in another dimension. They detected an extradimensional threat and found that it was Technet. The team and Rachel fight the villains. After the battle, they discover that Saturnyne called them to take out Bety and Rachel so she and maybe a date could sneak into the wedding. With Saturnyne’s plan foiled the two make their way to earth 616 and the wedding together.



In contrast to Raven and Irene, Bety and Rachel are a new couple. We first see them in bed and in love and their attire for the wedding is fantastic. Bety is in a lavender ensemble with a little bit of a bare midriff while Rachel is dressed in all black with a see through top.

I was more interested in their relationship than the battle necessarily but this issue needed some kind of fight scene in it.



Title:  Get Mystique… A Gift!
Writer:  Tate Brombal (He/Him)
Artist:  Emilio Pilliu (He/Him)
Color Artist:  Irma Kniivila (She/Her)



Wolverine gathers some of the younger and queer members of the X-Men to him. He wants to get a gift for Mystique. The teens have some outlandish suggestions. Anol suggests a gun, PiXie takes them to Limbo to obtain a horn from a beast there. That leads to a fight with the said beast. Bling takes them to the Savage Land where they will combine their powers to create a gift, Pixie puts a little too much hallucinogens in it though. Hulkling takes them to his bedroom, he doesn’t want to get the murderer a gift.

In the end Wolverine gives Mystique a gun and the others give their “gifts” as well. Th9is issue is dedicated to all the teachers


Title:  Epee is Truth
Writer:  Yoon Ha Lee (He/Him)
Artist:  Stephen Byrne (He/Him)
Color Artist:  Stephen Byrne (He/Him)



This is the “counseling” Emma gave to the couple. In essence she transported them to a fencing arena and the women got to their emotions. Raven felt lost without Irene and Irene tells her bride that she will never leave her. In the end the “counselor” proved to be Loki.



This story got down to the relationship of these two characters. They are truly in love and need one another. In a touching scene Irene holds Raven and tells her that even if she is gone, she will always come back to her.


Title:  The Thief’s Surprise
Writer:  Wyatt Kennedy (He/Him)
Artist:  Jen St-Onge (She/Her)
Color Artist:  Brittany Peer (They/Them)



Rogue is on the phone with Gambit. He has to get the rings. Rogue however kept his deck of cards. Unfortunately Gambit runs into trouble with the Thieves Guild and they fight. Meanwhile Rogue gives Irene her power nullifier so that she can experience the love of Raven without her precog powers. This is a borrowed gift as Beast made it for Rogue when she married Gambit, so the two could experience physical intimacy without danger to Gambit.

Unfortunately the art in this story is not my favorite piece. It is a little too cartoony for my taste. It is a sweet heartwarming story and the art does not fit for me.



This story has a prolonged fight scene, comic I know. My interest is in the interaction with Irene and Rogue. This is actually the first time I realized that Irene is blind. Her other appearances in this story did not give me that impression but in some panels her eyes did appear glazed a little.

This is a sweet gesture of Rogue in the vein of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.



Wedding Special

This is a humorous story, Raven is actually up to her old tricks and she could not resist a heist at the Scarlet Witch’s Sanctum. She programmed a clone to stand in for her. Irene of course delays until the real Mystique arrives and marries her wife and then run away from the cops.



This is an absolutely hilarious story. This is the kind of humor I enjoy. Yes Mystique and Destiny are villains but they are villains with a heart and that is one of the great attributes of Marvel Comics.


Final Thoughts

All of the stories in this compilation are fantastic. It treats queerness as an everyday part of life and for this I give it high marks.


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x-men: the wedding special #1 featured image
X-Men: The Wedding Special #1
Final Thoughts
All of the stories in this compilation are fantastic. It treats queerness as an everyday part of life and for this I give it high marks.
Final Score
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