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Proximus Makes His Appearance in This Review of Void Rivals #7

In this review of Void Rivals #7, Solila and Darak make their way across the northern wastelands. Little do they know that Premier Zalilak has sent his most proven tracker to hunt them down.


Void Rivals #7
Writer:  Robert Kirkman

Art and Main Cover by:  Lorenzo De Felici
Variant Covers:  Nate Bellegarde, André Lima, Raul Allen, Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Release Date: March 6, 2024


This review contains spoilers.



void rivals #7 main cover
The main cover to Void Rivals #7 by Lorenzo De Felici (Image courtesy of Skybound)
Void Rivals #7 – The Story

After taking a few months of Void Rivals returned today with Void Rivals #7. It picks up immediately after the events of issue #6, where Solila and Darak escaped their pursuers to the northern wastelands of Zertonia, an area few, if any, people are willing to go as it is near the edge of the Great Ring. However, things seem familiar to the Agorrian, as he thinks back to a time he worked in a similar area and almost lost his life due to gravity. Being in the wastelands, however, gives him an idea, despite Solila’s pessimism.

Premier Zalilak is intent on keeping his promise from last issue. He speaks with the hunter Proximus about his mission to travel to the wastelands to track down Darak and Solila. What an introduction here. As we first see the two speaking, Proximus appears as a younger man. However, the “younger” Proximus and the elder Zertonian premier clearly have a history. We are then introduced to the true Proximus. He’s barely a man, appearing as a cybernetic being with most off his body gone.

Kirkman does a wonderful job of presenting Proximus as a feared individual. It’s clear that Zalilak won the last confrontation the two had despite the toll it took on him. It’s also clear with Zalilak’s reaction after the conversation was over that going to Proximus was something he didn’t want to do. As Proximus surmised, Zalilak was desperate. As Proximus’ body was being reconstructed, Gulan prays to Zerta. He does so a second time after as he sets off to capture his prey. He appears as almost an equal to the premier.


void rivals #7 splash page
Void Rivals #7 splash page by Lorenzo De Felici and Patricio Delpeche (Courtesy of Skybound Entertainment)


Void Rivals #7 ends rather quickly with Darak and Solila making a connection. As Darak tells Solila about his vision, she attempts to explain the meaning behind it. The Zertonians and Agorrians have a common origin. That’ why the voice Darak heard said that they had to unite again. Despite his disbelief, Solila tells Darak that he was chosen.

Back at their temple, however, Mistress Vill feels everything that’s going on. Solila herself is doing what she’s called to do, whether she knows it or not.


Quick Thoughts

After taking a few months off, I can’t say enough how much I’ve missed reading this series. I understand the probable reasons for the hiatus with the release of the G.I. Joe mini-series that are also a part of the Energon Universe. Needless to say, that I am happy that it’s back.

As much as I can talk about Kirkman’s writing, I REALLY want to talk about the art in Void Rivals #7 first. De Felici’s art along with the colors from Patricio Delpeche in this issue is by far the best of the series thus far. Who would’ve thought a venture through the northern wastelands would accomplish this feat. Yet it does due to the area’s proximity to the Great Ring. I can discuss things in terms of palette and line depth, etc., but doing so really wouldn’t do it justice.

There are several images that absolutely stand out that highlights the brilliance (and brilliancy) of the artistic team. The first are the blank pages of the wasteland area as the Great Ring sits in the background. those scenes with the stars set among the sky is truly beautiful. Then there’s the menacing splash page of Premier Zalilak set in red. The way De Felici draws Zalilak staring straight at the reader makes one feels he’s staring straight through your soul.

The last standout (as I mentioned above) is the image of the reconstituted Proximus as he stands preparing to embark on his journey. Perspective notwithstanding, Proximus looks like he could destroy Zalilak. his appearance covers almost the entire page. This is a great way of showing just how feared Proximus is to the Zertonians. This is only supported with the numerous times that Gulan prays to Zerta.


void rivals #7 splash page
Proximus looks ready to destroy anyone in his way. (Credit: Lorenzo Di Felici/Skybound)


Let me also note the variant cover from Nate Bellegarde with colors by Mike Spicer. It is my favorite and it’s not really close. This doesn’t mean that the others aren’t bad. they’re all great. But the line work and colors (especially the colors) are so beautiful.

From a writing perspective, Robert Kirkman just gets it. The way he paces this story is quite extraordinary. Before I realized it, issue #7 was over. It’s unfortunate that the issue is so short. Kirkman does a great job of presenting Proximus as someone who should truly be feared, and with the exception of Zalilak, the art supports that notion. I also appreciate that Void Rivals #7 focuses completely on the world-building of the Agorrians and Zertonians. While I enjoy The Transformers world making their appearance over the run, beginning this new arc without a mention or peep of them was a good move.

Void Rivals continues to be my favorite series right now. Even with its place in the Energon Universe, it is a series that can clearly stand on its own with characters that I am invested in following and an artistic team that has been doing some top-notch work.


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Void Rivals #7
Final Thoughts
Void Rivals continues to be my favorite series right now. Even with its place in the Energon Universe, it is a series that can clearly stand on its own with characters that I am invested in following and an artistic team that has been doing some top-notch work.
Overall Score
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