Review: The Penguin #1 - The Batman Universe
The Batman Universe

Review: The Penguin #1 – The Batman Universe


Overview: In Penguin #1, a clipped member of the Batman’s Rogues Gallery finds himself being pulled back into the game.

Synopsis: We open with Batman and Penguin dying in the Bat-boat as Batman tries to will his body to do anything to save the both of them. “All we can do is fall,” Batman thinks to himself while struggling to muster the power to survive. 

Flashback to one year earlier, as Oswald Cobblepot is buying a new suit in Metropolis. He then makes his way through his daily routine as an unseen narrator speaks about how they watch Oswald’s movements. Oswald then encounters an agent, who is connected to the narrator, and this agent tries to provoke Oswald into a fight. Cobblepot, however, stays calm.

The narrator is revealed to be Agent Nuri Espinoza (from Batman: Killing Time) who works for the government and is telling Penguin that he works for them now too. Amanda Waller tells Espinoza to be careful with Oswald because she has seen him rip out men’s throats with his teeth (I love a good Batman Returns reference). Espinoza asks Penguin to return to Gotham and take back his criminal empire, but this time, his empire will be controlled by her.

Leaving, Penguin returns to his tailor and kills him with an umbrella to prove that he still has it. The issue ends cutting back to Batman and Penguin dying as Batman thinks to himself “He’s just the Penguin. How the hell did he do this?”

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