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Review: Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #5

In this review of Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #5, the crew is faced with impossible odds. Can they learn to work together as a crew or will they fail this test and not make it out of the academy?


Star Trek:  Picard’s Academy #5
Writer:  Sam Maggs
Artist:  Ornella Greco
Color Artist:  Charlie Kirchoff
Main Cover: Sweeny Boo
Variant Covers: Sweeny Boo, Derek Charm
Release Date: January, 31, 2024


This review contain spoilers.


picard's academy #5 variant cover
Images courtesy of IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #5 – the Story

Picard’s Academy #5 begins with a ship that is not working properly and the AI has failed. Now this small crew of cadets are facing what looks like a Romulan armada. What went wrong?

Doq however has an explanation, they are on a real ship and ships malfunction. The issue now is that communications are out so there is no way to reach command. The crew begins to panic and Resh steps up, he suggests that they run. Picard however does not agree and feels that Resh is stepping on his command. The two start arguing again. The crew decides to follow Resh’s suggestion to move to the dark of the moon and figure out what is going wrong.

Resh orders the ship to the moon. Picard senses something is wrong and the ship is attacked. Picard tackles Resh and the main control panel bursts into flames. Doq puts the fire out and it is evident that Picarrd saved Resh when he tackled him. Resh gets up and helps Picard up but that is not the only change.

Resh tells the crew they are going to follow Picard. His plan did not work, Picard says that neither plan on their own will work but together they might actually pull this off. The crew rallies behind Picard and take their stations. This is not over yet.



The main point of Star trek: Picard’s Academy #5 is the squabbling among the cadets. It is obvious that this crew does not have the experience to deal with this and Picard is still acting like more of an autocrat with subjects than a ship’s captain with a crew. This however looks to be changing in the end.

My thoughts on Resh from the last issue are incorrect. Here the character is seen throughout the action and his absence last issue was more of an aesthetic choice than a story choice. The artist did not include him in the panels for some reason.

Resh may also be maturing in this issue. He starts out antagonistic to Picard as he has been throughout this story but here he actually admits that he might be wrong. Picard for his part admits that Resh had a point and his plan of hiding behind the dark of the moon was a solid plan but he suggests the two plans should be combined.

There is no change to the art. I appreciate the different designs for the characters, not all of them are human and there is some variation. I still believe that Resh looks more like a Klingon than a Betazoid.


Final Thoughts

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #5 continues this story but this time we might actually see actual growth in Jean Luc Picard. He is becoming more and more the captain.


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Star trek: Picard's Academy #5
Final Thoughts
Star Trek: Picard's Academy #5 continues this story but this time we might actually see actual growth in Jean Luc Picard. He is becoming more and more the captain.
Final Score
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