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DCU Spotlight Review: Spirit World #3

By Jamie Remolde, TBU

Overview: In Spirit World #3, Xanthe and John Constantine arrive in the spirit world and find Cassandra. Something else also has followed them.

Synopsis (Spoilers ahead):

In Spirit World #3, Xanthe and John Constantine finally have made it to the Spirit World. They are not alone, as a beast with a thousand eyes has arrived with them and attacks the two characters. Xanthe pulls out a sword from the ground and hacks off a tentacle. With its other tentacles, it grabs Xanthe’s arms. Constantine uses his powers to help free Xanthe.  Soon another joins the fight, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain). Unfortunately, Xanthe lost their sword in the fight and is not able to make a new sword because they ran out of paper. All they have left are the items their client requested. Xanthe uses a pot to act as a shield, and they use an ax to hack off some additional tentacles. The three characters are successful in vanquishing the creature.

Soon Po Po and Bowen arrive, and Xanthe hugs them both. Constantine tells Cass that it is time to head back home.  However, Cass cannot, there are people she has promised she will help. Constantine insists that he and her need to leave.  He reminds Cass that Xanthe says that the Spirit World is bad for the living. Xanthe adds that the longer Cass stays, the more dangerous it is going to get. Cass just says that she is a Batgirl and helping is what she does.


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