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Jack of Hearts Makes His Decision in This Review of Sensational She-Hulk #8

In this review of Sensational She-Hulk #8, Jen finds herself fighting Ganymede with her life on the line. But who does Jack of Hearts’ heart go to?


she-hulk #8 main cover
She-Hulk #8 main cover by Kris Anka (Credit: Marvel Comics)

Sensational She-Hulk #8
Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Artist: Andrés Genolet
Cover Artist: Kris Anka
Variant Covers: Andrés Genolet, Terry Dodson
Release Date: May 22, 2024


This review contains spoilers

Since Rainbow Rowell’s first run on She-Hulk, there have been questions from fans as to how strong the relationship between Jen and Jack is, considering how previously writers have written (mostly wrongly) her past relationships. Would things end up as normal, which usually meant She-Hulk being alone? In She-Hulk #8, Rowell provides readers with a definitive answer.

She-Hulk #8 is the final issue of the arc where Jen and Jack attempts to have some quality off-planet at a resort near the Sun. There, they run into Ganymede, someone from Jack’s past who he was crazy about, yet didn’t reciprocate those feelings — until now. This leaves She-Hulk in a pickle emotionally as Jack appears utterly confused as to where his devotions lie. One would think that’s a lot for our favorite gamma goddess. However, Rowell had more.

Apparently, this resort was also the favorite hangout of Drapurg. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the alien boss who hired Scoundrel and sent a horde of aliens to destroy New York in She-Hulk #15. He hires Ganymede to lead his new horde to avenge the death of his old horde at the hands of She-Hulk. Yet, they don’t have to travel to earth to do this since Jennifer is there. She’s in a mighty vulnerable position since it appears that Jack will rekindle what he lost (or never really had) with Ganymede.

At Drapurg’s direction, Ganymede attacks Jen and they go to blows. They each get their fair share of hits in on one another in a battle that only spans a few pages before Jack intervenes. What’s also interesting is how Rowell has Ganymede with somewhat of an upper hand on Jen before Jack jumps in for the save. Blame the cosmic power in a staff. Jack flips the script by explaining to Ganymede who her employer truly is. It doesn’t end well for him.


Try to stop Ganymede from fighting? Good luck with that. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)


Yet, despite all of the fighting, the best part of She-Hulk #8 didn’t involve a punch, kick, or blast. It was the most tender moment. It made this issue and everything from Jack’s return to She-Hulk to now worth it.

Jen is even more emotional as she watches Jack leave with Ganymede. She’s truly distraught and in a position I haven’t truly seen her before — severely heart-broken. At this point, she decides it’s best for her to return home. As she begins to pack, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Jack. He did not leave with his former beloved.

The following pages provide those who are fans of Jen’s and Jack’s relationship some of the best dialog a couple might have with one another.

For Jack, Ganymede was love at first sight. Everything he had ever wanted, she had. She fit the bill for everything he looked for and he was willing to wait forever to be with her… until he met She-Hulk. She wasn’t his dream girl. She didn’t need him to be a knight in shining armor or anything else. Her confidence, for a lack of better words, scared him. And then, then…




For her part, Jen opens up as well about her past. She talks about her past and her past relationships. I love how Rowell describes them — Jen’s type — “big, fun, temporary.” It’s simply perfect. As someone who simply despised Jen’s fling with Thor, having Jen describe it as simply temporary completely put to bed the idea of that ever happening again (thank the Marvel gods). And then, then…




The two realize they’re in love with each other and I am here for it.

Rowell could have ended the issue here and I would have been perfectly fine. However, Rowell and Genolet gives us two more pages of sheer comedy that has me ready for more in issues to come. Back on Earth, it’s Wednesday and for Patsy Walker it’s supposed to be fancy dress day for Jen and Patsy. But what happens when she shows up at Jen’s place only to find her gone? She’s in a fancy dress and it’s time for cake. It’s simple. She grabs Jen’s Deviant guests Karkas and Ransak the Reject. Why? Because everyone likes cake.

*** chef’s kiss ***


Everybody likes cake, Patsy.



I am so happy to see Andrés Genolet back on the main drawing duties for She-Hulk. His linework has been wonderful from the start. The colors from Dee Cunniffe just make things so beautiful. It took me a moment to get used to it, but now I love their take on She-Hulk and all in her universe. I’m willing to forgive the short delays if it keeps the artistic team together. They’re that good.

There is one thing that keeps She-Hulk #8 from receiving a perfect score — the cover from Kris Anka. To be clear, the cover is not. My problem, however, is that it’s not Jen Bartel, who has been drawing the main covers since Rowell’s first volume of She-Hulk. Bartel’s run has been some of her best work and it truly fits with the scope of this series. Again, Anka’s cover is really nice; Bartel’s work has been so much better. Bartel’s work will be missed.


Final Thoughts

If anyone ever questions why this series was nominated for an Eisner last year, give them a copy of She-Hulk #8. It is as perfect an issue as Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet could produce in this run.


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she-hulk #8 featured image
Sensational She-Hulk #8
Final Thoughts
If anyone every questions why this series was nominated for an Eisner last year, give them this issue. It is as perfect an issue as Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet could produce.
Final Score
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