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Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119

In this review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119, just when things seem darkest, the Rangers come up with a plan that can turn the tide.


mighty morphin power rangers #119 main cover
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119 main cover by Taurin Clarke (Credit: Boom Studios)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119
Writer:  Melissa Flores

Artist:   Simona Di Gianfelice, Marco Renna
Color Artist:   Raul Angelo, Jose Enrique Fernandez
Cover:  Taurin Clarke
Variant Covers:   Bjorn Barends, Goni Montes, Michael Walsh, Taurin Clarke
Release Date:  April 24, 2024


This Review Contains Spoilers


MMPR 3119 — The Story

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119 begins as Zedd has placed Rita in the cosmic trash can and leaves with her staff. Billy in the Bermuda Triangle muses in deep thought. He is beginning to believe that this may be the time to despair. His mind is interrupted by a frantic call for help.

Kendal has found what Kiya is doing and engages her to stop her from further damaging the shield. Billy morphs and the two of them capture Kiya forcing her to demography. The damage is done.

In Angel Grove Park, Tommy and Kimberly train. In Promethea Aisha trains with Matt. On the moon, The Omega Rangers, Trini and Zack try to repel the remaining forces of Dark Specter. The three couples have a moment of peace together and discuss the current situation. The couples each kiss and embrace.


mighty morphin power rangers #119 page
Ranger couples share a moment (Credit: BOOM! Studios)


On the moon, Baboo and Squatt find Rita’s prison. Squatt wants to free her so she and Zedd could team up. Baboo tries to tell Squatt that it is useless, Dark Specter already has won.

That is far from the truth, Dark Specter has suffered losses and his new general has a plan to regain the upper hand. That involves the Void.

in Promethea, Omega Trini questions the imprisoned Kiya. When she left Safe Haven she thought she could gather a team of Rangers to fight with her, unfortunately with the corruption, that was impossible. She has devised a plan to plant a bomb to destroy the Morphin Grid itself. She needed the eggs to do that. Billy however has a better idea.

Tommy, Billy, Kendal, Ranger Slayer and Kimberly gather with Zordon. The Rangers now have two White Power Coins. With it they can diffuse the power to a team of Rangers that can be protected from corruption. The drawback, Tommy will not be able to morph.

At Promethea, Matt, Aisha, and Taylor, Wildforce Yellow, and Trini, Drakkon Ranger Yellow are attacked by the general, and the corrupted Adam and Rocky. The heroes are unable to morph because the shield is down over Promethea. The four fight anyway and decide to morph. They morph but there is a different result. The four maintain their base color but their suits are combined with the White Ranger suit. The four are incorruptible. They face off with the general and reinforcements for the Rangers arrive. Kendal, Ranger Slayer, Kimberly, and Billy also in the new suits arrive. The presence of eight uncorrupted Rangers forces the villains to retreat. Aisha grabs Slayer’s bow and shoots Adam and Rocky, purging them of the corruption. The Rangers all retreat back to the Command Center, and are joined by the two remaining Omega Rangers and Phantom Ranger.

The plan however is not enough. The Power Coins cannot supply the power to enough Rangers. There is something more powerful than a morph. Slayer proposes that they reach the Void and the planet made up of the Zeo Crystal. The planet the Solar Rangers are on. With the Crystals the Morphin Grid can be purified.

Back on the moon Rita urges Baboo and Squatt to run away. She is done with the fighting. To be continued.




Finally, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119 is moving forward. The Rangers move from reaction to offense in this issue. They have a plan and a power to carry it out, and on top of that there is an opening for the Solar Rangers to enter the fight. Their power is based off of the Zeo Crystal directly and not reliant on the Morphin Grid. With the crystals, the Rangers will be able to muster more power for allies and create an army. They now have 8 active Rangers and two recovering Rangers. The Hyperforce Team has not returned with more back up yet. With this power those Rangers will be able to morph.

The real question is Rita. She appears to be giving up. Could this be the start of her journey to become the Mystic Mother? I would like that to be explored in the future.

The art in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119 is full of Easter eggs. We see Tanya, the Yellow Zeo Ranger. She is important because she brings the existence of the Void to Dark Specter. We also get a cameo of the Cosmic Fury Red and Gold Rangers, unfortunately they are corrupted immediately in front of Kiya.

The designs of the new suits in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119 are interesting. There is a difficulty in that there are multiples of color rangers as well as some multiple versions of characters most notably Trini and Kimberly. The Rangers have the same design to the suits including the repeat colors of Pink and Yellow but the helmets remain the same, signifying the Ranger that it is. For example Taylor’s, Aisha’s, and Coinless Trini all have the same suit but the helmet is their base form. Wildforce for Taylor, Mighty Morphin for Aisha, and Drakkon Ranger for Trini. The same for the Slayer and Kimberly. Of course right now there is only one green, purple, and blue Ranger in this team.


Final Thoughts

Finally there is a movement in the action. The art is also effective in showing the different multiversal versions of the characters as well. Now the battle will move to the Void for a showdown for the Zeo Crystals.


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mighty morphin power rangers #119 featured image
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #119
Final Thoughts
Finally there is a movement in the action. The art is also effective in showing the different multiversal versions of the characters as well. Now the battle will move to the Void for a showdown for the Zeo Crystals.
Overall Score
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