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Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117

In this review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117, Bill and the Hyperforce Rangers work on repairing thing as the battle on Earth continues. Meanwhile, Dark Specter continues to grow stronger.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117
Writer: Melissa Fores
Artist:  Simona di Gianfelice with Marco Renna
Cover Artist:  Taurin Clarke
Variant Covers:  Bjorn Barends, Taurin Clarke, Michael Walsh; and Goni Montes
Release Date:  February 28, 2024


This Review Contain Spoilers


mighty morphin power rangers #117 main cover
MMPR #117 main cover by Taurin Clarke (Images courtesy of BOOM Studios)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117 – The Story

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117 begins as Dark Specter attacks Aquatar. The Alien Rangers assemble but when they morph, they too fall under Dark Specter’s power. He has successfully contaminated the Morphin Grid, any act to morph will lead to the contamination of the rangers involved. Aquatar has fallen.

The surviving rangers assemble at the Command Center, Alpha has been repaired and they receive word from Eltar that Aquatar has fallen. In Promethea, Zach has reunited with Jason and Taylor from Wild Force. They are preparing volunteers for battle without morphing. It looks hopeless but they will continue fighting.

Wild Force, Yellow, Taylor leads the volunteers and the other uncorrupted Rangers against another of Mistress Vile’s monsters, a mantis creature. Elsewhere on Earth, the Hyperforce Rangers along with Kimberly continue their battle in the Bermuda Triangle. Under the Command Center, Kyndall, Billy, Phantom Ranger and Terona continue their experiments on the eggs they salvaged from Mistress Vial. Kyndall is able to scratch it and discover a crystalized version of the Morphin Grid. They surmise they can repurpose the Master Arch to be a shield and possibly it can be used to repel Dark Specter.

In the Y-79 galaxy Dark Specter has found the Psycho Rangers and attempts to send them to Earth. It fails, Earth has been shielded for now. This gives the Rangers a chance to gather their forces. Zordon sends the Hyperforce Rangers to the ends of the galaxy and time to gather allies. Blue Centurion, the Zeo Gold Ranger, RPM Gold and Silver Rangers, Lost Galaxy Pink and Magna Defender, Dino Thunder Black and White Rangers have all been rescued from their battles with corrupted Rangers and foot soldiers by the Hyperforce Rangers.. Meanwhile in light of this failure Dark Specter disastrous Alpha-Xi and threatens Mistress Vile.

Billy and Phantom Ranger discuss mistakes in science when a portal opens and the Ranger Slayer holding the White Tiger Power coin comes through. The plan is to find Tommy. Mistress Vile has the same idea, she frees Tommy, he is incorruptible and he will serve Mistress Vile against Dark Specter quite nicely as he is.



It is the darkest before dawn. Rangers actress the multiverse are falling and becoming members of Dark Specter’s army. Rangers are unable to Morph or else they will be corrupted and turn against their friends and teammates. Earth is on the list to fall what can the small group of Ranger freedom fighters do to stay strong. They develop a Morphin shield of course. This shield will allow them to Morph and take the fight to Dark Specter. That is not all, they may be able to use the Master Arch to repel Dark Specter completely.

There appears to be different groups gathering and the fate of the Morphin Grid depends on the Hyperforce Rangers and their Hyper ship. They are sent to gather more allies and prepare for the final battle but that is not all. The Ranger Slayer, newly freed from Dark Specter by Drakkon also arrives with the weapon to rally the Rangers. The power of the White Mighty Morphin ranger and Mistress Vile may deliver the White Ranger to the Rangers herself, the incorruptible White Ranger.

This issue is a gathering of the forces again. But I do see a lot of parallels to Shattered Grid. The team has found a way to protect their Morphs. This time it is a shield and not Dr K and this time the assembling will take place on Earth. This is a vehicle to showcase the Hyperforce Rangers. None of their number has been corrupted and they are Zordon’s trump card in this fight.

The art in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117 is a standard Power Rangers comic. My chief gripe is with the coloring. Kyndall is shown more as a pink ranger instead of a purple ranger. She definitely has a different shade to say Kinberly but I would have liked to have seen a deeper purple for her costume in this story.


Final Thoughts

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117 is wrapping up the overall story arc, but it is becoming to look like a parallel version of Shattered Grid, just with a different villain and a different set of saviors. I am getting tired of this story and I look forward to it wrapping up. It is good in execution but it is not original over all.


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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117
Final Thoughts
This story is wrapping up but it is becoming to look like a parallel version of Shattered Grid, just with a different villain and a different set of saviors. I am getting tired of this story and I look forward to it wrapping up. It is good in execution but it is not original over all.
Overall Score
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