Review: Knight Terrors: The Joker #2
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Review: Knight Terrors: The Joker #2

Overview: In Knight Terrors: The Joker #2, the Joker finds himself waking from one nightmare after the other, struggling to balance the growing sense of unease within him.

Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead): Running through the dirty streets of Gotham City, a trio of robbers desperately try to escape in the dark of the night, relentlessly pursued by…the Batman.

This Batman has a unique method, one that involves funny one-liners and setting petty thieves on fire, who gouges people’s eyeballs out with batarangs, and—

—with a start, the Joker awakes from the horrid nightmare, waking his partner, Lena, in the process. Only a few short moments later their son, Albert, enters his parents’ bedroom demanding to know if they’re awake; he doesn’t want to miss practice!

Later, while at work, the Joker spends his day conducting interviews and is somewhat perturbed by the fact that both his candidates are highly dangerous and wanted criminals. Mr. Freeze and Scarecrow are not at all impressed by the Joker’s supposed amnesia of who he truly is and who they are; the whole reason they thought to apply at Wayne Enterprises was because of the Joker. The Batman has become ruthless and murderous, and so many criminals are seeking to lay low at legitimate businesses until the Bat is dealt with.

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