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Review: Knight Terrors: The Joker #1

By Hannan Mouawad, TBU

Overview: In Knight Terrors: The Joker #1, Joker is forced to face his worst nightmare, a Gotham City without Batman and the Joker…the Regional Management Assistant Vice Supervisor in Wayne Enterprises!

Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead): The scene opens atop a roof in Gotham City, torrential rain soaking everything in a strong deluge of water. Insomnia, a deadly and mysterious new villain, has struck, forcing the entire world into an eternal slumber, searching the dreams and nightmares of all the heroes and villains for the nightmare stone.

Within the dreams of The Joker, Batman’s death has finally come about in a manner least expected; a slip, trip, and subsequent face-plant and fall off the roof to the dirty streets below ends in the Joker’s victory, who, now without an arch nemesis to beat each night as a life-long goal, is left bereft and feeling hallow, searching for something to fill his time and provide a purpose to live. Even the thought of killing Superman or Green Arrow doesn’t inspire joy within him.

The situation gets so bad that rewatching the Real Housewives of Metropolis is his morning routine. His henchmen, upset and feeling betrayed by their leader’s apathy, leave Joker to his own depressed sense of self, which finally brings him about to see an ad for a position within Wayne Enterprises. With nothing better to do, he applies.


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