Review: Knight Terrors: Robin #2
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Review: Knight Terrors: Robin #2

In this review of Knight Terrors: Robin #2, we see the conclusion to the Robin story as the two “failed” Robins discover their self worth and unite to face their common foe.

Knight Terrors: Robin #2
Written by: Kenny Porter
Art: Miguel Mendoca
Main Cover: Ivan Reis
Variant Covers: James Stokoe, Liam Sharp, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Jorge Corona
Page Count: 32 Pages
Release Date: August 8, 2023


In Tim Drake’s personal nightmare, Tim is sitting on his bed feeling sorry for himself.  He hears his friend again, this momentarily snaps him out of his morose.  Jason however is not faring much better, he is still in the fight for his life and is being overrun by his adversaries.  Jason is reaching a state of hopelessness and suddenly the two lose contact with each other.

Tim is despondent and Jason is being outright beaten.  It looks like the nightmares are winning.  Both heroes find themselves in a void.  Tim believing he was not good enough and Jason feeling alone.

Tim can hear Jason again.  Jason is also able to hear Tim, they both find that they are now floating in a void.  Jason then makes an interesting statement.  He states that the Robin that’s a failure is going to die alongside the Robin who thinks he is a failure.  Tim is shocked that Jason thinks he is a failure, no one believes that to be true.  Tim tells Jason that Batman and his mother failed him.  He did what he was trained to do, to survive.  Jason counters that he  trained to become a monster, kill people and live alone.  Tim smiles and says that he was never alone.  Even though Jason pushes everyone away, no one has given up on him.  It is true that he has a lot to atone for but they all do also.  Jason realizes that this is true because Tim was always there in the past.  Jason flips the conversation back to Tim.

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