Review: Knight Terrors: Robin #1
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Review: Knight Terrors: Robin #1

By Jamie Remolde, TBU

Overview: In Knight Terrors: Robin #1, Robin (Tim Drake) and Red Hood (Jason Todd) find themselves reliving their worst moments in a nightmare while the rest of the world is fast asleep.

Synopsis (Spoilers ahead): Oracle (Barbara Gordon) is calling Robin (Tim Drake). He is in the Gotham City shopping mall fighting heavily armed thieves. Despite taking a bullet through his cape, he insists that he is fine and that Barbara should check on someone who may need it.

She contacts Red Hood (Jason Todd), who is reloading his sidearms. Barbara tells them that he is going to face an entire platoon of mercenaries. She can send the Batgirls or Robin to back him up. He disconnects his com without saying a single word. He is going to handle this situation on his own.

At the same time, Robin on his bike and Red Hood see a strange energy wave in the sky.  They are both overcome by the wave, and together, they end up in a strange dreamscape.  Neither one quite knows where they are, but they do not think they are in another universe.  It even appears that their surroundings are constantly changing.  Robin suggests that they are dreaming and Hood decides to test this theory by slapping Tim in the face. As a result, Robin spits out all his teeth in pain.  Even with the pain, he surmises that they are in a dream state because he can still talk despite having no teeth. Having all the teeth fall out is a common nightmare. The danger is that since they can feel pain, they can die in this world. Just then, their surroundings change into a graveyard and both men are grabbed by their ankles and pulled into separate caverns.

Robin recognizes his surroundings, he is in the kitchen of his father’s home in Gotham, the day he died. Tim checks the calendar on the refrigerator and hears his father call for help. Robin pulls out his boa staff and races to the voices.

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