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Review: Knight Terrors: Punchline #1


Overview: In Knight Terrors: Punchline #1, Punchline’s dream quickly becomes her nightmare as she is attacked by her dead adversary, Batgirl.

Synopsis: (Spoilers ahead): Punchline (Alexis Kaye), with her new Royal Flush Gang, attack Gotham City. To her dismay, the civilians in her way are all knocked out, and Punchline does not know what put these people to sleep. Punchline is looking to gain access to the Clock Tower, as she wants to gather evidence showing that the Bat-Family are composed of mindless authoritarians. Before she can achieve her goal, Punchline is interrupted. 

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) has arrived on the scene, and she is looking to put Punchline out for the night. The two start to fight, but Punchline notices that something is not quite right, Batgirl is mostly silent in her attack and she has a grin on her face the entire time. She kicks Batgirl through a window, impaling her on several glass shards, which kills the hero. Excited, Punchline steals Batgirl’s bike and races off. She can finally break into the Clock Tower directly and will have control of the best surveillance system in the city.  Punchline is missing one thing though, an audience.

Punchline enters the Bat-lair and finds that it is a mixture of being abandoned and lived in. She finds weapons including recently modified tools. She finds cases housing the costumes of the Bat-Family, and as she walks by the one holding Barbara’s costume, it shatters with the Batgirl costume reaching for her.  Punchline does not notice this, when she turns around nothing is changed. She decides to focus on the lit computer displays. She notices an intruder alert and discovers that she is not the intruder.

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