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Review: Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2

In this review of Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2, Jim Gordon faces down the horrors the Pentapriests enabled as his old Batman armor lights up Gotham – but a worse horror awaits him, closer than he knows…
Synopsis (Spoilers ahead):

Jim Gordon, shattering from the effects of the demonic Pentapriests (fifth dimensional beings) who turned him into glass last issue, reads the dying letter of the woman he tried to save. He learns the name of one of the other three “Good People of Gotham” who summoned the Pentapriests, and tracks him down, after duct-taping himself together.

Jim finds Mortimer Blake, dressed in a monstrous version of Jim’s own Superheavy Batman armor. Blake blasts the car Jim drives in, and then tries to convert him to his cause of lethal justice. Jim instead tells him that Blake has killed his own family in Jim’s car. The story was a ruse to lure Blake into the car, where Jim sets off the Superheavy suit’s self-destruct. Shattering even more, Jim reveals his plan, and works to save Blake’s life.

The Pentapriests arrive, telling him the third Good Person of Gotham is his daughter Barbara, who shares his “gift”. At the Clocktower, Jim finds Barbara broken in half, and demands to know how being made of glass is the gift of knowledge she asked for. She tells Jim she wanted to help Batman, because he’s slowing down. Barbara destroys the clock she used to summon the Pentapriests, destroying herself in the process. The Pentapriests wake Jim up from the Nightmare Wave, promising they’ll be back.

Jim wakes in his bed violently, sees Sorrow alive and sleeping. He tries to call Babs, but she doesn’t answer (to see what she’s up to, check out Knight Terrors: Nightwing #2!)

Elsewhere in Gotham, a stranger buys the clock that summoned the Pentapriests in Jim’s dream…


Dan Watters and Riccardo Federici wrap up their Knight Terror story for Jim Gordon in this second issue, joined by artists Stefano Raffaele and Mike Perkins. Watters handles the complex issues inherent in Jim’s current position and his history beautifully. Pulling a stunt reminiscent of Tim Drake’s plan in the final arc of his Robin run, Jim proves himself still a great strategist. The surprising and heartbreaking reveal that Barbara initiated the Pentapriest summoning ushers in the meaning of Jim’s “gift”. The knowledge that life is brittle and so easily broken, so we must try to live kindly to avoid breaking each other is nicely made. Since Watters is writing backups for Detective Comics now, I fully expect to see the Pentapriests and the two other Good People of Gotham showing up in that dark tapestry.

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