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Review: Knight Terrors: Catwoman #2

Overview: In Knight Terrors: Catwoman #2, Catwoman’s nightmare ends in poison and love as the Joker attacks Sister Maggie’s church.

Synopsis (Spoilers ahead): In her Insomnia-caused nightmare, Catwoman (Selina Kyle) trains a fledgling Batman (Bruce Wayne) to fight the future Joker. They find Joker victims in a fire and save the only living one. However, he turns out to be Joker himself. Joker and his snakes manipulate Selina during his interrogation. Learning the Joker has targeted Maggie Kyle, Selina’s sister and the hero Sister Zero, they head to the church. Maggie ignores her warnings, and Selina enters the confessional. But Joker is waiting for her. They fight, she knocks him out, outraging Maggie.

In the monk cell, Selina traps the Joker. She returns to Maggie, only to find that Joker poisoned the congregation with snake venom in the Communion wine. She orders Maggie to interrogate Joker to discover which snake. Batman plans to replicate the anti-venom, but two medusa-haired henchgirls attack.

Maggie gets the information from the Joker as Selina is bitten by the snake hair of a henchgirl. As she dies, she hears three things. The henchgirls cackle madly. Maggie forgives her and sends her to heaven for saving the people of the church. And Batman confesses his love and his vow of vengeance on the Joker.

And Selina wakes in her bed, faced with the choice between trying to help the city with her Socialist Crime Family Syndicate or saving the man she loves.


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