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Review: Knight Terrors: Catwoman #1

Overview: As Knight Terrors plunges the world into nightmares, Catwoman faces a demonic Joker, her terrifying superheroic sister, and a brand new Batman in her dream in Knight Terrors: Catwoman #1.

Synopsis (Spoilers ahead): In the villain Insomnia’s clutches, Catwoman (Selina Kyle) dreams of a Gotham City after her plan to run all crime herself collapses. Her sister Maggie is a nun by day, terrifying superhero “Sister Zero” by night. They fight as Selina dazedly tries to stop the Joker. At Maggie’s church (after much exposition), Selina convinces her sister to investigate the Joker. That night, they find the Joker’s hideout, and a huge fight ensues. Joker seems to perforate Maggie with a machine gun, so Catwoman kicks him off the roof. Batman (Bruce Wayne) saved Maggie with his bulletproof cape. This version of Batman is a newbie (similar to Batman Annual #2), and is bitten by one of Joker’s snakes. Selina takes him to her house for antivenom and sleep. When Bruce wakes up, they kiss passionately. Maggie interrupts them, ashamed of their lust. Batman and Catwoman leave her and vow to fight the Joker together.

Analysis: Tini Howard takes a break from her ongoing tale of Catwoman vs. Gotham’s organized crime to tie into the ongoing two-month ‘Knight Terrors’ event. Reasonably, she integrates large chunks of her ongoing plotline into her two-issue Knight Terrors: Catwoman miniseries/mini-arc.

Selina’s plan to unite crime in Gotham City under herself backfires terribly, leaving her scarred with only one eye. Similar to how Ram V setup many of the themes and relationships for his Catwoman run in the Future State two-part arc, Howard attempts to play with the themes and relationships we expect her to deploy in Gotham War and beyond. However, the dream mechanism does not work as well as the future, so the storytelling is full of madness. Though a nice change from the obnoxious men vs. women thematic structure of Howard’s main run, the madness of Knight Terrors proves plodding and repetitive.

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