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Review: Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #2

In this review of Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #2, Angel Breaker and Raptor face a nightmare made flesh in a terrifying Kobra base.


knight terrors angel breaker #2 main coverSynopsis (Spoilers ahead):

Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #2 begins at the Kobra Kult Seminary in Ohio, where Angel Breaker, Raptor, and their remaining three Kobra trainee kids face Angel Breaker’s nightmare made real by Insomnia’s power, Nanny Gillo. The Asclepius Drive, derived from Dr. Destiny’s Dreamstone, keeps them awake. After convincing the kids to team up, they go to the Blood Gate, where they can get the secret training program that Angel Breaker desires. However, Nanny Gillo, taking different forms, starts murdering the kids one by one as Raptor and Angel Breaker fight off the flashy base defenses. The two adults split up, taking a kid each. After arguing about heretical theology, Raptor’s kid is devoured by a humongous snake (appropriate for a Kobra base). Raptor discovers the snake is actually Nanny Gillo, and flees.

Angel Breaker and the final kid find the Blood Gate. They reach the Asclepius Drive, but Nanny Gillo hypnotized Angel Breaker. Raptor snaps her out of it, but the last kid stole the drive and nearly gives it to Nanny. Raptor saves him, but Nanny takes Angel Breaker’s form and backstabs him. Angle Breaker fights Nanny, finally cutting her in half with her flaming sword, perhaps fulfilling her prophecy of defeating a great evil.

Angel Breaker sends the final kid to the super heroes with the Asclepius Drive to help, as she and Raptor succumb to the Nightmare Wave of Insomnia without its proximity.


Tim Seeley and Acky Bright wrap up their Angel Breaker tale with flair. Though the two-issue format is incredibly frustrating to work with, even when the characters are as extensively developed as Batman, Superman, or the Robin, it’s a whole other level of difficulty when your main character is basically a shirtless placeholder of a figure in their only appearances so far. Angel Breaker’s creation in the Shadow War event was disappointing, to say the least. Her voice and backstory are barely sketched, and she seemed mostly to exist to sell very provocative (though clearly effective) variant covers for Shadow War Zone.


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