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Review: Knight Terrors #1

By Sean MacNeil, TBU

Overview: Knight Terrors #1 picks up the story following Knight Terror: First Blood #1. We see the conclusion of Deadman’s first meeting with Insomnia where we learn who he is and what he is searching for.

Synopsis (spoilers ahead):

knight terrors 1 maleev variant cover

Variant cover by Alex Maleev

Knight Terrors #1 begins with Deadman at the scene of his death. He recounts the story of how he became a superhero which is how he has ended up inside of Batman, Insomnia holding him in his clutches (see how that happens in Knight Terrors: First Blood#1). We learn Insomnia wants the Nightmare Stone. John Dee, aka Doctor Destiny, either hid in the real world or in the nightmares of one of the world’s greatest heroes. With the ability to turn not just his own dreams into reality but the dreams other others as well, he searches.

Deadman then jumps from Batman to Insomnia, searching his memories for clues on how to take him down. He sees the lineage of how the Stone had become stolen and hidden by John Dee. Next to the eruption on Lazarus Island, the tainted rain pouring down on the asylum. Deadman sees a spot of joy, but he is cast away from Insomnia before he can get to it.

With this new information, Deadman swoops back into Batman and pounces out of the window. On to find someone who can help him battle inside dreams. Insomnia heads back into the nightmare realm to continue his search for stone, leaving his knights to kill anyone still awake.

Getting the idea from the creation of Insomnia, Deadman takes what little Lazarus rain Batman had on hand and heads to the grave of Wesley Dodds. The man rises from the grave and Deadman hands him his hat, gas mask, and gas gun. The Sandman loves a good mystery.

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