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Review: Hawkgirl #5

In this review of Hawkgirl #5, Vulpecula makes the attack personal for Kendra as she tries to use her to open the Nth World.


Please note: This review contains spoilers


Title:  Hawkgirl #5
Writer:  Jadzia Axelrod
Artist:  Amancay Nahuelpan
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer:  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover Artist:   Amancay Nahuelpan & Adriano Lucas
Variant Cover Artists:  Derrick Chew and Glen Melnikov


hawkgirl #5 variant coverThe Plot of the story is a travel through Kendra’s life as Vulpecula tries to corrupt her through various stages.

First off is early childhood.  She is with her grandmother and Kendra;s mother comes to take her away. Kendra is off to the side, Vulpecula appears to entice the young girl.  Kendra tells the strange woman no which enrages the villain.  She grabs the girl and is immediately attacked by the apparition of Hawkgirl.  Note this engagement is not really seen by the adults in the room.  Vulpecula retreats and Hawkgirl grabs the woman as she phases out.  The destination is an older Kendra Saunders.

This time Kendra is a little older, probably early teens/late preteen.  She is with her grandfather who really does not know how to raise a child.  Kendra interprets this as not wanting her and the girl runs off.  The grandfather makes up with his granddaughter all while Hawkgirl and Vulpecula engage in combat and phase out without any interaction with the young Kendra.

Next is six years ago.  Kendra discovers that she is pregnant.  Vulpecula arrives to entice the scared girl with a favor provided she makes the pregnancy non existent.  Hawkgirl pleads to Kendra not to listen.  The girl rejects a the offer and the fight continues into another time.

Now it is four years ago.  Kendra is contemplating suicide.  Vulpecula thinks she has her opening.  Kendra recognizes Vulpecula from a previous encounter and ignores the woman.  She swallows the bottle of sleeping pills but she is then flooded with her memories of past lives.  She passes out as Vulpecula vanishes leaving Hawkgirl.  Kendra regains consciousness to see the apparition of Hawkgirl before her thinking she is an angel.  Hawkgirl places the child onto the bed to wait for her grandfather to find her and save her life.  Hawkgirl sets off to find Vulpecula.  First she arrives yesterday and then she travels to three years ago where she finds Vulpecula.  They continue their fight until they come across her.

Hawkgirl in the past is found in a fetal position on the floor of her quarters in the Hall of Justice.  Vulpecula reaches the younger hero and the time shifts to the present.  Hawkgirl is in the Vulpecula’s machine with a captive Galaxy.  The portal to the Nth World is opened but Hawkgirl goes into it.  She awakens and is immediately attacked by hawks.



The coloring in Hawkgirl #5 gives a great representation of Vulpecula and Hawkgirl in the past.  The color is slightly hazy and there is a green aura around the characters.  Within this visualization, it is possible that the characters may not be able to see these two visitors from another time except when Vulpecula wants to be seen that is.  

The art is very similar here.  Hawkgirl as usual appears very powerful and Vulpecula appears as a vampire throughout her appearances.

This time the story is more straightforward.  Vulpecula focuses her energy on Hawkgirl and getting her connection to the Nth Metal.  It provides the reader with a good synopsis of the life of this hero.  She has suffered hardship upon hardship however she had love every step of the way.  We see that her mother, grandmother and daughter all love her very much.  We however do not meet her child.  Did Hawkgirl have the child, give them up for adoption or possibly aborted the pregnancy?  We do not know.


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Hawkgirl #5
Final Thoughts
This issue sets up the final battle to be seen in the last issue very well.  This issue did not feel overly rushed or packed for the second to last issue.  Instead it gives a good synopsis of the life of Kendra Saunders and her steps in becoming Hawkgirl even including a nod to her death in Blackest Night.
Final Score

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