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Review: Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD 2024

In this review of the Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special, the Doctor and Ruby encounter a scream in space and time and matter. Exactly where a scream should not be detected. This takes the two through a wild ride that ends in Yorkshire is 1739 and a new terrifying villain.


Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special featured imageDoctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special
Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Kelsey Ramsay
Color Artist: Valentina Bianconi
Release Date: May 4, 2024


This review contains spoilers


The Doctor picks up a sound in the Tardis. In true Doctor fashion he directs the Tardis to the source of the scream.

Meanwhile in 1739 Yorkshire, England, the highwayman, Dick Turpin is about to be hanged for his crimes.

The Tardis takes the Doctor and Ruby through a tour of the worst moments in the Doctor’s many existences.

in Yorkshire, Turpin escapes his captivity using a futuristic weapon. The Doctor arrives in 1739 Yorkshire just when Turpin attacked and escaped. The Doctor checks on the soldier and borrows a horse to pursue Turpin leaving Ruby and the soldier but he does take the soldier’s hat.

In the pursuit, the Doctor catches up to Turpin who recognizes him. He says that his god told him that if he can make the Doctor scream, he will reward Turpin with riches and infamy. The Doctor easily stops Turpin and destroys the cyber blaster he was using.

The soldiers arrive with a captive Ruby in tow. They plan to take turp-in and the Doctor into custody. The Doctor uses his psychic paper to convince the soldiers that Ruby is undercover royalty and the two are released.

At the gallows Turpin sees the one he called his god. He realizes that he is laughing at him and so escape will be impossible. Turpin is hanged and the being bottles Turpin’s screams as he dies.

Back at the Tardis, the Doctor and Ruby hear Turpin’s screams. the Doctor says that they cannot interfere but he does have a mystery to uncover, how did Turpin, a highwayman, get a cyber weapon. He surmises that it is a trap but he is not worried.


Preview page from the Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special (Image Credit: Titan Comics)



Like most licensed properties I had to get used to the art style in the Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special. Obviously, the designs are not live action so a style has to be created to tell this story. What is freeing with comic art is the ability to create a multitude of “effects” that is too expensive or impossible to achieve in live action. That is evident through the trip in the Tardis. It did not take me long to sink into this styled world and I look forward to visiting it again very soon.

The character of the Doctor is very well done. He is lovable and excited about life. This shows in his reaction to the situation. He spends most of the issue smiling. The actor who portrays the Fifteenth Doctor is the first black actor to play the role of the Doctor at least in canon. He is also openly gay and I am interested in how this may manifest in the Doctor’s character. The ninth and tenth Doctors famously fell in love with Rose Tyler, their companion. What will the relationship with Ruby be like in this iteration?

The story itself is quick as can be expected in a Free Comic Book Day issue but it is very effective. We meet the two main characters, we see who the villain is and what they are doing if not why and we get the setting and backdrop of this story. It will be continued in subsequent issues but this as a set up is a good jumping on point for a character who has a storied history of hundreds of years.


Final Thoughts

The Doctor Who:: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special is a great opening issue. The story is fun and the art is engaging.


Titan Comics provided The Comic Book Spot with an advanced copy of this comic for review purposes. If you enjoyed this review, you can find more reviews here.

Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special featured image
Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor FCBD Special
Final Thoughts
This is a great opening issue. The story is fun and the art is engaging.
Final Score

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