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Review: Dark Ride #10

In this review of Dark Ride #10, Sam struggles to find his missing daughter after she’s been deemed as the next sacrifice for Devil’s Due.


Dark Ride Issue 10
Writer:  Joshua Williamson
Art and Main Cover:  Andrei Bressan
Color Artist:  Adriano Lucas
Variant Covers:  Declan Shalvey; Luana Vecchio; Dennis Culver & Tony Fleecs
Release Date: January, 31, 2024


This review contains spoilers


dark ride #10 variant cover
Images courtesy of Skybound Entertainment
Dark Ride #10 – The Story

Arthur is working feverishly on his design for the new park ride.Before his eyes, his arm starts to melt, his hair falls out and he gets a debilitating cough. A voice is telling him that he is running out of time, he must control his children and that they had a deal. Arthur begs the voice to trust him. Owen’s death inspired him to create, Arthur returns to normal.

Sam confronts Halloween about their father trading their souls. Halloween tries to get her brother to listen but he turns his back to her. She explains that originally the deal was to have Arthur’s dream come true, but times required a change to keep the dream of the park growing, other souls had to be added. Summer interrupts this conversation, her brother Owen loved the park and so he had to become a sacrifice to the park. Summer attacks Halloween but their scuffle is interrupted by the opening of the park.

Summer and Sam run to try to stop the park’s visitors from entering. The patrons think this is a new show and enjoy the frantic cries of the two characters. One of the mascots grabs Summer and the others grab Sam and Halloween arrives to further the pretense that this was all part of the show. Hayter arrives, and Sam pleads with him to help them. Sam still thinks his daughter is in the park.

Hayter ignores Sam and one of the three D’s, Dan tells them that he picked up the girl on a surveillance camera with the mascots the night before. Halloween interrupts them and tries to have the two hauled out. Sam pleads to go to the Devil’s Due ride to find his daughter. Halloween finally relents and sends Hater with Sam while keeping Summer as collateral.

Sam places the Devil’s Due on shut down for refurbishment. Then he and Hayter go on the ride to enter. Hayter then sees what he thinks is his father who is dead. Hayter then gets out and his arms and legs fall off, the ride starts up again leaving Hayter screaming in agony as he bleeds out. Sam sees his nightmare, his dead daughter flies in telling him that they can ride together.



The art in Dark Ride #10 is so creepy. Halloween looks like a red haired Elvira in a halter top and fishnets, The mascots actually look like cute monsters which makes their actions especially terrifying. The main death shown here is Hayter’s but this is horrific as the art depicts his limbs being severed and him falling in his own gushing blood. Megan’s corpse is full of injuries including what looks like blood flowing from her wrists. Arthur’s own transformation is horrifying as his arm bones are clearly visible as his arm melts. The artist must have had a blast depicting this art.

This is the 10th issue of a story which started with the disappearance of a new employee. A disappearance that turned into a death by hanging which Summer, his sister, never believed. In the end it was revealed that the boy was killed as a sacrifice as was described in this issue. This issue is more of an explanation with Halloween, the daughter of Arthur and sister of Sam, waffling between being a likable character to being a horrifying character. With her knowledge of the events and the background it looks like she is moving to being evil like her father. She was already shown as being a brutal killer, her victim probably did deserve it though.


Final Thoughts

Dark Ride #10 continues to be creepy from a mysterious thrilling way to a visceral stomach churning way with its graphic deaths and dismemberment. All in the day for a horror themed thrill park.


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Dark Ride #10
Final Thoughts
Dark Ride #10 continues to be creepy from a mysterious thrilling way to a visceral stomach churning way with its graphic deaths and dismemberment. All in the day for a horror themed thrill park.
Overall Score
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