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Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3

Overview: In this month’s Brave and the Bold we skip Tom King for a standalone Batman story featuring Mr. Baseball; Stormwatch gives Thunderbolt’s vibes as it heads into Knight Terrors. Superman: Order of the Black Lamp continues and this issue ends with a story from Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Jorge Molina.

Story 1, Mr. Baseball, Written By: Dennis Culver, Art by: Otto Schmidt, Colors by: Pierluigi Casolino, Letters by: Pat Brosseau

The issue gets swinging right from the start. A man with a baseball shaped scar on his head swings away on some thugs with a baseball bat in a Gotham alley. Finally he shoots the last one in the back.

Batman perches on a rooftop across from the crime scene listening to the cops, thinking of past memories he has with the game of baseball. Batman’s eavesdropping reveals the men belong to crime boss Vito Grande.

Batman locates and reaches Vito Grande’s hideout first. Under interrogation he tells Batman the origin story of who is after him, Austin Clutch, Mr. Baseball. They met as a result of Mr. Baseball accidently robbing a bank that held all of Vito Grande’s money. He never came up on Batman’s radar because he always made sure to have a big distraction at the same time as the heist. Once Vito found him, he had his boys pay him back with a beating that gave him the baseball shaped scar on his head. They may have given him little more than that. Before he was just a thief, but now he’s murdering people on a path to revenge.

Just as Vito finishes his story, Batman throws himself in front of Mr. Baseball, crashing through the window. Vito’s nephew pulls him to safety. As they battle, Mr. Baseball lets it out that he is the distraction. Batman races out of the safehouse and gets there just before the trigger pulled.

The comic ends with Mr. Baseball in Blackgate Penitentiary planning his escape.

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