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Review: Batman Incorporated #12 – The Finale

In this final review with Batman Incorporated #12, the team races the clock before the Joker’s plan succeed. They do so while also facing pressure from their leader to break Batman’s cardinal rule – no killing.

Batman Incorporated #12
Written by: Ed Brisson
Art and Main Cover by: John Timms
Variant Covers: Stephen Segovia and Michele Bandini
Page Count: 32 Pages
Release Date: September 12, 2023

Please Note: This review contains spoilers.

batman incorporated 12 main coverLet me kick things off by saying the I am disappointed that Batman Incorporated #12 is the final issue of the series. This title surprised me in every possible way. From Brisson’s grasp of the individual characters and team dynamics, to John Timms’ stunning art, Batman Incorporated brought a great dynamic to the Batman universe. yet, as we get through the final installment, Brisson tells a complete story. But he also leaves the door open for many more adventures to come.

Batman Incorporated #12 – The Story

Batman Incorporated #11 ended in the streets of China as Ghost-Maker continues to push members of the team to take lethal action against the members of Joker Incorporated. This includes imploring the Bat-Man of China to take the life of his own sister. The issue ended with both he and El Gaucho in a verbal face-off with their leader. As Batman Incorporated #12 begins, the non-stop action from the previous issue continues. Thought dead after the events in issue #10, the authorities in Melbourne, Australia realizes that Dark ranger survived his encounter with Corvus Cawl. The clown, however, did not. The bomb implant the Joker placed in him took his like exactly as the Joker said it would. Yet, the hostages remained safe.

Would the same occur with Dusty Bronco? After attempting to kill Chief Man-of-Bats, he finds the hands of his son, Raven Red, around his throat. Brisson places Raven Red in a perfect position in this arc. Unlike Dark Ranger, whose past made it easy for him to go along with Ghost-Maker’s edict to kill, Charles Great Eagle never held such tendencies. He is truly his father’s son. Yet, as his dad lay near death, had no problem taking the life of the man who nearly killed his father. In the end, however, Raven Red uses better judgement.

Brisson’s placement of Raven Red’s ordeal illustrated what other members of the team felt. But he ramps it up with Raven Red compared to the rest of the team. He almost succeeds in killing the clown. yet, as El Gaucho did at the end of issue #10, he realizes how important Batman’s cardinal rule is to the team and their success. The varying ranges in thoughts of each member truly highlights Brisson understanding of each character. On one end, Dark Ranger is happy to know lethal force was allowed (well, he is Jason Todd’s dad). On the other end of the spectrum, Jiro, Bat-Man of China, Nightrunner and Knight clearly push back from the start.

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