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Review: Batman #146 – The Batman Universe

By Scott Waldyn,

Overview: In Batman #146, Batman learns how to escape from his “dark prison,” while Zur-En-Arrh tightens his grasp around Gotham.

batman #146 main coverTitle: Batman #146 — “Dark Prisons: Part Two”
Prologue Story: The Joker: Revelations
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artists: Jorge Jimenez & Michele Bandini
Colors: Tomeu Morey & Alex Sinclair
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Cover: Jorge Jimenez & Tomeu Morey
Variant Covers: Gabriele Dell’Otto, Yasmine Putri, Jim Lee & Alex Sinclair
Release Date: April 2, 2024


Please Note: This comic book review may contain spoilers

Batman #146 opens as Batman #145 ended, with Bruce Wayne once again meeting Daniel Captio, the newly installed warden in Zur-En-Arrh’s prison. Captio dumps pages and pages of exposition on Bruce, talking about all of the gears and inner workings that have been in place since the very beginning. Captio goes through Joker’s assault on Batman, how Joker eventually learned, from poisoning Alfred Pennyworth, about Failsafe. This set in motion a plot to convince The Penguin to fake his death, which set in motion Chip Zdarsky’s Batman run from the very beginning. Whereas Joker thought he was simply freeing Zur-En-Arrh, he was serving Captio, who will now set the final piece in motion — to rehabilitate Bruce Wayne. 

Captio’s goal? He wants to make a better Batman. Of course, Bruce balks at this, calling Captio a narcissist obsessed with pitting Batman against Joker. Captio walks over to his warden’s desk and pulls out a cowl, which he places over Bruce Wayne’s face. 

The art in this 11-page opening expository essay is beautiful, but one would expect nothing less from the creative team behind this run. It’s colorful, fun, and embraces different styles and eras of Batman’s history with the Joker, featuring the Clown Prince of Crime in his many outfits over the years, including the grisly Joe’s Garage look from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. 


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