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The Resistance Universe Returns in This Review of U&I #1

In this review of U&I #1, the Resistance Universe returns as two unlikely individuals make a connection as one of them sparks a war with a crime syndicate.


U&I #1
Writer:  J. Michael Stracynski
Art and Main Cover:  Mike Choi
Variant Cover Artists:  Mike Deodato, Jr. and Mike Choi
Release Date: February 7, 2024


This review contains spoilers


U & I #1 main cover
U&I #1 main cover (All images courtesy of AWA Studios)

U&I #1 introduces the latest addition to The Resistance universe created by J. Michael Stracynski over at AWA Studios. I have personally been a fan of this universe since it first appeared on selves back during 2020. It was a highly ironic story considering the United States and the world was going through a deadly global pandemic. Since then, series such as Moths, The Joneses, E-Ratic, and a The Resistance sequel have hit comic book shelves. Each of these series presented different aspects to those individuals who survived the Great Death.

U&I #1 introduces readers to a mysterious Reborn (the name given to those powered humans who recovered from the plague) known only as U. His ability appears to be some sort of healing factor. Readers quickly see this as he walks through the hospitals amongst dead doctors and police guarding the facility. U seems to however. As he makes his way through the hospital, there’s a voice that speaks to him. This is the only time readers see the presence of this voice. One would imagine, however, that this voice will play a vital part in who U is.

The new series also adds a new aspect to the universe. A known fact to those that have followed the series is that while 400 million people died as a result of the Great Death, those who survived the deadly plague gained special abilities. That is until we meet Isabella.

Readers quickly learn that while the young woman survived the Great Death, she was not reborn with any abilities. This is an even farther cry from the idea Straczynski and Choi presented in Moths, where certain Reborns died after using their abilities. Isabella’s “inability” makes her life extremely difficult. The government doesn’t trust that she doesn’t have powers. Her family has ostracized her after taking the money her dead father left to her. She’s living on the street. This is an incredibly different idea that I am deeply interested in seeing play out.

As expected, U&I #1 immediately gets into action after Stracynski introduces reader to U as he takes on a group of thugs on the verge of killing a woman. The action was quick and easy for the hero who is obviously known to the group of men. U quickly takes out the gunmen before he is suddenly ambushed by another gunmen waiting in a vehicle. They take off, leaving U on the ground riddled with bullets.


A very familiar in this page from U&I #1


U and Isabella doesn’t actually “meet” until the final panel of the issue, when Isabella finds the unconscious U healing from his injuries. It leads to next two where I assume the two will formally introduce themselves to one another. I can’t wait to see how they make a connection and the results of that connection. Considering that U will likely have payback on his mind for the crew that tried to take him out, I would imagine Isabella will find herself dragged into the conflict as well.

This is Mike Choi’s second project working with Stracynski, having done the artwork for Moths as well. I truly enjoy his style of art. It’s more traditional but has a touch of manga within in that’s more seen in the facial features than anything. He also has a decent grasp of movement in his storytelling. Several panels show this, but my favorite is the one where U pulls the Matrix-esque movements of Neo from the first movie. His choice of color palette also works in this issue.

Fans of the Resistance universe would do well in picking up U&I #1 and continuing the journey Stracynski and others have been guiding us through since 2020. I have consistently called AWA my favorite new comic publisher. It has been primarily due to this ever-growing universe.


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U & I #1
Final Thoughts
Fans of the Resistance universe would do well in picking up U&I #1 and continuing the journey Stracynski and others have been guiding us through since 2020.
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