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Review: Realm of X #1

In this review of Realm of X #1, in the immediate aftermath following the events at the Hellfire Gala, Magik and a small group of mutants find themselves thrust into the middle of a Vanaheim War, with Curse, one of the small mutants, at the center of it all.


Realm of X #1
Written by: Torunn Grønbekk
Art by: Diogenes Neves
Main Cover by: Stephanie Hans
Variant Covers: Chris Bachalo and Karen Darboe
Page Count: 36 Pages
Release Date: August 23, 2023


realm of x #1 main coverStory

Realm of X #1 begins as Magik wakes up alone in the middle of what looks like an enchanted forest. She tries to teleport, but her powers are not working. She quickly finds the rest of the group: Mirage, Typhoid Mary, Dust, Marrow, and the little one Curse, who took off on her own as soon as she saw the fighting, glad to be alone for a while. The remainder of the group are in battle.

After helping the warriors of the House of Malt, they find out where exactly they are: Vanaheim, the Realm of Divination. On the way back to their stronghold, they search for Curse to no avail. She is just having a merry old time searching the woods. One of my favorite moments is when she comes across two trolls that would like to eat her for lunch. She kindly explains how her power works, that there is always a price, and someone must always pay it. She asks them to share the potatoes they are going to cook with her. When they deny her request she uses her power, pulling out the sun to turn them to stone, making sure that the trolls take the consequence and leaving them in a heap.

Back at the House of Malt, they learn of the prophecy foretold by their seers. All they currently know is that four warriors will show up to help in battle but there is a power that changes to outcomes and that power comes from Curse; as a result, the seers cannot see past a certain point in time. It also means they are not the only ones looking for Curse.

This story is great. With Charles Xavier currently thinking that all of the mutants are dead, this is perfect. I was really hoping that this was going to be able to give the creative teams the avenues to tell some really cool stories in some wild places all with the goal of returning home. Realm of X does exactly that. This group of characters is awesome together. Typhoid Mary is one of my favorites and she is used to perfection here. I am also very excited to go on this journey with Magik. She is obviously going to need to make the big play to keep Curse from cursing everyone. This is another really strong X-Men story in the Fall of X.



I can’t say enough about the art. The cover by Stephanie Hans is gorgeous despite having Magik going into battle while in the book she has no powers. Pretty much every panel in this book is gorgeous. The pages that show Dust using her power are amazing, contrast that with some fire from Typhoid Mary and everything pops. Bright pink Curse in her Gala dress hopping through the green, brown, and gold of the forest are so fun as well and deserve to be pointed out. The last bit of art I want to make a point of is Mirage. With the amounts of gold that pop in this comic, when she has her bow out, you can’t help but have your eyes drawn to it.


Final Thoughts

I really like this group together. If I’m going to be lost it better be with Typhoid Mary, her and Dust are a riot together. Another solid Fall of X title.


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Realm of X #1
Final Thoughts
I really like this group together. If I’m going to be lost it better be with Typhoid Mary, her and Dust are a riot together. Another solid Fall of X title.
Overall Score
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