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Review: Ranger Academy #4

Ranger Academy #4
Writer: Maria Ingrande Mora
Artist:  Jo Mi-Gyeong
Cover Artist:  Miguel Mercado
Variant Cover Artists:  Goni Montes (spoiler); Jo Mi-Gyeong, Yejin Park
Released:  January 3, 2024


ranger academy #4 variant coverRanger Academy #4 – The Story

Ranger Academy #4 begins as the shuttle approaches Chromia, the home of the Bandorian Monks, the location for the first trial. Inside the one year students are questioned about the dangers of the planet they are headed for. One student in particular, Kartyr ribs Sage for looking afraid and then for having zero experience.

On landing Sage, Lindy, and Theo elect to go a longer but safer route, while Kartyr and another student elect to go a faster way that may be more treacherous. The three students start their trek. They decide to work together, supporting each other. Lindy in support of Sage echoes Sage’s fears and tells her that they will succeed together. 

The weather comes in but the three students continue their trek and arrive at the mouth of the Zeo Temple. They move forward but Sage does not tell the others about her trek to the abandoned green campus but instead believes that there is something wrong with her. Sage however begins to hear something. At first she is unsure but then they all can hear a call for help. The three turn to the sound and investigate the Pitted Plains.

They come across the other  student named Maeve and discover that Kartyr fell in one of the pits. Sage puts her experience of caring for her herds to use. She climbs down the pit and finds Kartyr. The others pull him out and they discover he broke his leg and is unable to continue. 

Sage suggests she fire her flair and wait with Kartyr while the other three students continue on their trek. Sage will catch up when Kartyr is picked up. She secretly wants to miss the color choice for her fear that she is broken will be revealed.

The shuttle arrives to pick up Kartyr. Sage discovers that Theo and Lindy waited for her. They all decide to go to the temple together. They get there as Maev exits, she is a yellow ranger. Theo goes in and discovers that he is a black ranger. Lindy is the next to enter and she fails to morph. She will have to try again next year. This leaves Sage.

We get the perspective of Sage. She enters and meets the monks who hand her a spectracite. She morphs but it is as a green ranger. She is shocked and leaves the temple but lies saying she did not morph. The shuttle arrives to pick up the students and Sage vows to hide that she is a green ranger.



The art is very enjoyable. Each of the characters in this issue has their distinctive features, the reader cannot get confused with any of these characters. It is interesting that Maev morphs into a yellow ranger even though she has no yellow in her costume while Theo morphs as a black ranger when he is shown distinctively wearing a black long sleeve shirt under his uniform. In the same way Sage has no indication of being a green ranger herself.

The interesting thing here is that green is seen as not being normal. It is first introduced in the previous issue with the abandoned green campus and it is now shown here with Sage wanting to hide that she is a green ranger. The question here is why? Why is this the case? Are the green rangers seen as being evil and flawed? This may go back to the introduction of Tommy as the Green Ranger. He was initially evil and does this carry into the Ranger Academy also? Is Sage here to change that perception and maybe become the green morphin master at the end of this story? Only time will tell.

What is important to note is that Sage has some altruistic and selfish qualities about her. She immediately goes to the rescue of Kartyr but then decides it is in her best interest to stay with him. This way she could avoid going to the temple after all. She has fears of doing the morph correctly as well as if it will hurt to do the morph. In her mind she is not ready and she is able to use that belief to bluff her way in telling the others that she did not morph in the first place. What she does not realize is that she is the perfect green ranger with her qualities.


Final Thoughts

This story even though it has elements of the Power Rangers does not really feel like a Power Ranger story. That may not be a bad thing, It may be good that this franchise can expand on itself and tell different types of stories.


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rangerr academy #4 main cover
Ranger Academy #4
Final Thoughts
This story even though it has elements of the Power Rangers does not really feel like a Power Ranger story. That may not be a bad thing, It may be good that this franchise can expand on itself and tell different types of stories.
Final Score

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