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Review: Ranger Academy Issue 3

In this review of Ranger Academy #3, Sage begins to prepare for her first trial but there are a number of nagging questions.


Title:  Ranger Academy #3
Writer:  Maria Ingrande Mora
Artist:  Jo Mi-Gyeong
Cover Artist:   Miguel Mercazdo
Variant Covers:  Jo Mi-Gyeong (character design); Jo Mi-Gyeong; Nagtacha Bustos
Release Date: 
December 6, 2023



ranger academy #3 variant cover
Images courtesy of Boom Studios
Ranger Academy #3 – The Story

Mathis sneaks Sage into the library. She is really not there to study but to investigate her father’s past in the academy.  She is not able to find any information but  just one picture. When she tries to access the yearbooks, she finds that the access is denied. 

Mathias thinks that Sage has had enough training and suggests a late night workout session. All Sage is really interested in is where Nika, the librarian. Mathias tells her probably the teachers lounge, but cadets are not allowed there.

Sage interrupts a meeting for a “library emergency” She asks Nika about her father and the librarian is not providing a lot of information but instead tries to get the child to focus more on her first trial.

An exchange after class leaves Lindy sad and she leaves the group. Theo tells Sage about Lindy losing her entire family and Sage goes to see her friend. The two hug and try to encourage each other and Sage makes a decision to take her training at the academy more seriously.

During a study break, Sage sees Tula wearing a cloak and sneaking into a grate. Sage follows her and finds herself in a closed green colored campus. She thinks she sees herself in this campus and runs out and runs into Tula, not wearing her cloak. Tula tells her to go back to bed, she should not be out this late. Still no information.

Sage returns to her bunk for a restless night. Lindy wakes her up for breakfast. Afterwards Lindy leads a cram session for the cadets. The time for the trial has come and the cadets prepare for their first real test and first step to becoming Power Rangers.



There is a distinctive artistic style in Power Rangers books and this book does not deviate from that style. It takes a more whimsical style, a nod to the original television audience of the Power Rangers shows.

While there is a whimsical style, the story despite its comedic moments has a serious side to it. There are a lot of mysteries to be had. They all seem to center on this young cadet who sneaked into the academy without her father’s permission in the beginning. A father who attended this academy but has decided to erase it from his life. Someone at the academy also is erasing his memory at the academy itself. There is a mystery campus centered on green energy that appears to have Sage as a possible instructor. We see her head in a plasma tube similar to the other professors like Billy Cranston, the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger.

The one thing missing in this Power Rangers comic is the action element. The primary tropes here are secrecy and a little teen drama to lighten the tone a little. An interesting read but my attention is not being held.


Final Thoughts

Ranger Academy #3 is a different type of story than usual Power Rangers stories. There are nods to past teams but a lot of mystery and secrecy and it appears that Tula could be revealed to be a villain in a future issue. Time will tell.


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ranger academy #3 main cover
Ranger Academy #3
Final Thoughts
A different type of story than usual Power Ranger stories. There are nods to past teams but a lot of mystery and secrecy and it appears that Tula could be revealed to be a villain in a future issue. Time will tell.
Overall Score

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