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Marvel Reveals Two new Covers for May’s Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #1



Marvel Comics released new covers for Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #1, the new series on sale in May. The new ongoing series from writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Federica Mancin will at long last solidify the character’s place in the main Marvel Universe by bringing Spider-Gwen to Earth-616, the main Marvel Universe. The covers released today are variant covers drawn by famed artists Jenny Frison and Pablo Villalobos. Check the images out below:



From Marvel’s press release:


Today, fans can see two new variant covers for the SPIDER-GWEN: THE GHOST-SPIDER #1. Drawn by two of today’s hottest cover artists, Jenny Frison and Pablo Villalobos, both pieces strikingly capture Ghost-Spider’s iconic look and captivating allure, and will also come available as virgin covers.


Hailing from an alternate Earth where the fateful radioactive Spider bit Gwen instead of Peter Parker, Ghost-Spider has had wild adventures in both her home dimension and the main Marvel Universe. Now a permanent resident of the iconic 616, the young hero’s new status quo will open the door to exciting new storytelling opportunities as she struggles to adjust to a world not her own and is forced to confront the tragic legacy of 616’s own Gwen. Hitting the ground running as New York’s next great hero, she’ll gain both new enemies and new friends, but the mystery behind her entrapment looms large, threatening to shatter her trust with her fellow Spider-Heroes… Why did she leave Earth-65? Why aren’t the other spiders supposed to know she’s here? Why isn’t she supposed to suit up? And who will get hurt when she does?


“Right after I started working on this new Spider-Gwen ongoing, I saw a little girl on Halloween dressed as Gwen and hitting some cool Spidey poses,” Phillips shared in the press release. “It was kind of a surreal moment to realize that I get to be a part of Gwen’s next big chapter, bringing her into the 616 and giving readers stories that make us rethink who Gwen is and what her role is within this new universe.”

Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #1 releases to comic shops everywhere on May 22nd. Stay tune to The Comic Book Spot for your latest comic book news.

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