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Review: Ms. Marvel : The New Mutant #1

In this review of Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1, Kamala starts a new journey.  After her death and surprise resurrection, Kamala discovers that she is not only an inhuman but a mutant as well.  A mutant who can remain undercover in the world.   An ability and status the X-Men can use in their fight against Orchis.


Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1
Written by: Sabir Pirzada and Iman Vellani
Art by: Calos Gómez and Adam Gorham
Main Cover by: Sara Pichelli
Variant Covers: Elena Casagrande, John Tyler Christopher, Lucas Werneck, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Arthur Adams, Betsy Cola, Luciano Vecchio, Elizabeth Torque
Page Count: 36 Pages
Release Date: August 30, 2023



ms. marvel new mutant #1 main coverDream

The story opens with a recurring dream for Kamala Khan.  She is the main event of a fight.  The ring announcer is none other than Carol Danvers in her original Ms Marvel attire.  The adoring crowd are none other than other heroes.  Kamala is here for a fight.  We do not see who her opponent is but from the arm bracelet and skin tone, it could be a giant version of herself.  She is having difficulty with this opponent and asks for help.  Carol the ring announcer suggests the Champions, the Avengers, and the Inhumans.  Kamala is not able to accept the help and she begins to pass out, pity the X-Men were up next.  Next Kamala sees all the heroes in the audience with her own face.  She is dropped into a regeneration pod and she is expelled.  The last scene is a cosmic scene where she is faced with a metallic version of Dr. Strange.  She wakes up.


Trip to College

Kamala wakes up and starts to get ready.  She gives us exposition about who she is and what her mission is.  She is going to be a spy at Empire State University which is now run by Orchis.  Bruno has arrived to give her a ride to the university.  He and her family have no idea that she is a mutant or that she had previously died.  Her family help load Bruno’s van and she drives off with Kamala.


Setting Up Shop

At her dorm, Kamala and Bruno start to unpack.  It is here that we learn that Bruno does not know her true identity and that she wants to tell him.  She decides to bring up the subject when her roommate Michelle comes in.  Bruno is fascinated with her plasma generator, and Michelle offers to show them the bigger one in her lab.  Bruno goes with her but Kamala has to go to orientation.


Reporting In

Kamala takes the subway and then sneaks off into the tunnels.  She runs into an alligator and Shadowkat passes through leaving Kamala alone with the gator.  She eludes the alligator and she is grabbed by Rasputin.  Kamala gives her some “legendary” chocolate and approaches Synch and Talon.  The two mutants give Kamala her assignment.  Orchis has a secret lab underground and they want her to break into the lab and scout it out.  Talon asks Kamala if there are any concerns she has.  Kamala thinks about her recurring dream and decides to not mention it to her teammates.


Coming Clean

Kamala and Bruno meet up.  It is time to look into school clubs.  One guy approaches her about joining a comics club which she declines.  This makes Bruno suspicious.  Kamala takes Bruno to a cafe and there she tells Bruno about her death and resurrection and how she is a mutant and an inhuman and that her family has no idea.  He hugs her and then Bruno’s backpack goes off.  He is carrying an extraterrestrial threat detector and it is going off.  There is also mass panic so Kamala sneaks behind a tree and changes into her new X-Men uniform and runs off to face the threat.


Mutant on Campus

She discovers that the threat is a Chitauri but this is not a usual warrior she is facing.  After a quick battle, she discovers that this Chitauri is already wounded and he is missing an arm.  The alien begs for Kala to leave him and she discovers that he has a bomb.  Kamala runs to the crowd standing by.  She uses her powers to protect the crowd but they believe that she being a mutant attacked them.  Kamala shrinks in size and escapes.  Later the campus is all abuzz about a mutant on campus and fortunately the students do not know that it is really Kamala Khan.  She goes off and hides in her dorm.

Bruno comes in to comfort him and she tells him that they can stay up and play video games.  She does not tell him about her recurring dreams that keep her awake at night.  She eventually does fall asleep though.



In the lab Synch mentioned we have a short scene.  Officer Kroll of Orchis and a scientist are viewing the footage of the Ms Marvel fight.  They are discussing the mutant and that their tech failed to detect her.  The scientist is killed by Officer Shapandar.  She talks to the scientist, Nikita.  She suggests that she might be obfuscating the search for Ms Marvel because she is the same ethnicity.  Nikita denies it and Shapandar tells her that they are going to find the mutant and implement the Trojan Horse program.


The art here is the standard Marvel comics art style.  That is not to say that it is bad and boring.  I cannot say that the art is very dynamic but again that is expected because there was really only one fight sequence in this book but the art here showcases Kamala very well.  We get a good view of her power set and her abilities from her adjusting the size of various body parts to her shrinking abilities.

This is also the first look at her new costume as a member of the X-Men.  It is the standard X-Men colors with her trademark scarf.  The only markings on her costume are the X on her belt buckle and the X on her left shoulder.  There is no indication of her formal Ms Marvel symbol however she is referred to as Ms Marvel.

The story here is just a set up.  We get a quick overview of Kamala’s character and meet the supporting characters of this story.  From the title page it appears that even though this is titled Ms Marvel, it might actually be a team book with Ms. Marvel as the main character.  We get a roll call of the mutants on this team including Shadowcat, Synch, Talon, and Rasputin IV.  We also meet the villains of this story and get a general and vague description of what is the threat, something called Trojan Horse.



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Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1
Final Thoughts
A good jumping on point
Plenty of mystery to grab the reader
Good showcase, if brief, of Kamala’s powers
Slow build
Not a lot of action
Overall Score
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