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Review: Power Rangers: The Return #2

In this review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #2, the story of the last battle of the Power Rangers versus Rita, Zedd and the galactic monsters lead to losses on both sides. And new threat emerges, leaving Kimberly as its first victim.



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:  The Return #2
Writers:   Amy Jo Hohnson & Matt Hotson
Artist:   Nico Leon
Color Artist:   Don’t Sanchez-Almara
Cover:  Goni Montes
Variant Cover:   Ejikure; Gonin Monte’s; and Inhyuk Lee
Release Date:  March 13, 2024



This review contains spoilers.



might morphin power rangers: the return #2 alternate cover
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #2 variant cover by Ejikure. (Images courtesy of Boom Studios)
The Next Power Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #2 kicks off twenty-two years ago, as the forces of evil were celebrating the deaths of Zordon and Alpha 5. That celebration did not continue. The Power Rangers stage a full on assault on the moon base. Red, Yellow, Black and Blue Rangers attack in their Dino Zords. The plan is not a take down of the stronghold but a diversionary tactic. Green and Pink Rangers have secretly infiltrated the stronghold and they have a singular mission.

They are to plant Billy’s invention, the beneveviolator, into the stronghold. When. Activated a wave of purifying energy from the Morphin Grid will counteract all the evil energy incapacitating all the evil monsters. 

Rita soon discovers them and a fight ensues inside the castle. Outside and inside fights erupt all over the moon. Tommy is blasted into the beneviolator. Rita prepares for another assault, Kimberly calls her Power Bow and shoots Rita in the back, she falls over dead. Kimberly is devastated that she took a life. Tommy tries to convince her that it is alright and also discovers that the remote detonator on the device has been damaged. It has to be manually activated. Tommy tells Kimberly to teleport out and she argues. The fight outside is going badly so the order is to evacuate the fight. All the Rangers teleport out leaving Tommy to activate the detonator which he does, ending the war and his life in the process.

This is the story being related by Kimberly to the relative of Trini. Kimberly takes the Saber Tooth Tiger Morpher and places it in her safe along with her morper. She takes it out and the girl asks if she can hold it. Kimberly gives it to her and reveals her true motive. She is after the Morpher and transforms into a new Empress of Evil with Rita’s staff. Kimberly in shock engages the villain and retrieves her Morpher. She is about to morph when the witch blasts her and knocks her unconscious. She leaves. Later another enters and finds the cabin is disarray and finds her mother. Next issue Daughter.



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #2 has two purposes. One explains the final battle which led to Kimberly’s bitterness as shown in the last issue. It also  briefly introduces the new villain.

The final battle is a response to the attack that left Zordon and Alpha 5 dead. It really is a tactical victory. The four heavy hitter Rangers attack the stronghold from outside while Tommy and Kimberly go inside to plant the device. I would have maybe included the Dragonzord in the fight outside. If you needed Tommy inside, Jason could have commanded the Zord by remote outside. I do not think this is what happened as I do not see the Dragon Zord in the fight. 

The purpose of the beneviolator is unclear. Is it a bomb or is it supposed to act like the Z wave that was released in the finale of Power Rangers In Space. It that show the wave purified Rita, Zedd, and Divatox while disintegrating all the monsters and foot soldiers. Here it looks like a bomb which leads to the deaths of everyone in the vicinity including Tommy.

The new villain looks like she is of Asian descent from the art and she also looks like she may be a daughter of Rita. If this is the case it is possible Kimberly was killed though that is not shown, out of revenge for Kimberly shooting Rita in the back in the battle.

A brief note on that scene. This does show the character of Kimberly very well. She is devastated that she did this and Tommy has to convince her that she did the right thing, he would have been killed if not for her actions. This may lead to very complex emotions. She saves Tommy but in the end he is killed by his own self sacrifice so she has to and is the only Ranger that has to deal with the taking of a life and at the same time dealing with the loss of her lover.

It is very possible that Kimberly is killed and the fight will focus on the daughters fighting each other. The next issues will answer those issues.

The art is fantastic. It is of a higher caliber than the ongoing Power Ranger comics. The detail and colors are exemplary. The artist even briefly captures the enlarged monster form of Scorpina and I really felt like I was watching one of the most action packed episodes of the series. The scene showing Kimberly and Tommy talking fighting stances is gorgeous and really captures the styles of the two characters. Tommy lowering himself closer to the ground and Kimberly setting up for her graceful gymnast moves. Of course the stakes are incredibly higher in this story. 

The Zords that are shown are reminiscent of their designs in the show but it is clear that they are massive machines with a lot of power.


Final Thoughts

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #2 may be one of my favorite Power Ranger comic stories I have read to date and I look forward to the continuation of this story.  The story is mature and is not afraid of showing the consequences of this type of battle. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the colors are terrific.

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mighty morphin power rangers: the return #2 main cover
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #2
Final Thoughts
This may be considered one of my favorite Power Ranger comic stories I have read to date and I look forward to the continuation of this story.  The story is mature and is not afraid of showing the consequences of this type of battle. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the colors are terrific.
Overall Score
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