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Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116

In our review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116, the battle with Dark Specter intensifies as Ranger fights Ranger. One battle in particular is more vicious as Drakkon faces his Ranger Slayer.


Title: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116
Writer:  Melissa Flores
Artist:  Adam Gorham and Marco Renna
Color Artist:  Joana Lafuente
Cover Artist:  Taurin Clarke
Variant Cover Artists:  Bjorn Barends; Goni Montes; Bjorn Barends, Taurin Clarke; & Zu Orzu)
Release Date: January 24, 2024


This Review Contains Spoilers


mighty morphin power rangers #116 variant cover
Images courtesy of Boom Studios
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116 – The Story

In a flashback scene before Shattered Grid, Drakkon meets with Kimberly, his Ranger Slayer. She is reporting on her latest attack on the Coinless which was a success. Drakkon, however muses that he wants more from Kimberly than her unwavering service. He realizes that his spell over her will not allow it.

In the present Lord Drakkon is alone in the morphin grid, or is he. He is attacked by the Dark Specter possessed Ranger Slayer. The two engage in a vicious fight but he is not alone.

At Safehaven, the rest of the unpossessed Rangers are in battles with their possessed teammates. That however is not all. The refitted Alpha-1 with parts from Xi, the Omega Rangers robotic assistant attacks the Omega Rangers Trini and Zach.

In the Command Center on Earth, Kendall, the purple Dino Charge Ranger and the Phantom Ranger contact Kim, the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger. Their window is closing fast and the rangers have to get out of there. Kim contacts Billy to activate Plan C. Billy tells her to get the others as close together as she can. The Rangers teleport back to Earth but they have left some.

Kia, the Drakkon Blue Ranger stayed behind to search for her nemesis Lord Drakkon. She sets a detonation charge, detonating the arch and presumably trapping Drakkon in the grid. Meanwhile in the grid, the fight for Drakkon intensifies. Ranger Slayer Kim removes her helmet and mocks Drakkon. She accuses Drakkon of wanting her love but he did not give her mercy, he made her his slave.

At Safehaven Dark Specter scolds Mistress Vile for her latest failure. She insists that she can be the key. She infused morphin energy into Dark Spectre. Every Ranger he infects makes him stronger. He goes on to attack the Dino Fury Rangers, the MegaForce Rangers, and the Mystic Force Rangers among other teams. 

Back in the Morphin Grid, both combatants end up wounded, releasing Kim from Dark Specter. As Drakkon lies dying, he sends Kim to find the Morphin Masters.



The situation becomes more dire in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116 than before. Dark Specter advances his attack on numerous Ranger Teams presumably adding them to his possessed legions. Drakkon is killed and the small band of free Rangers find themselves isolated on Earth as their friends and allies fall across the multiverse.

The focus here is on Lord Drakkon and the coinless version of Kimberly. It was never really touched upon in previous issues but Tommy, aka Lord Drakkon and Kimbely, aka Ranger Slayer in the Coinless Universe were in love. The difference is that Drakkon controlled Kim’s mind so she could never respond to Drakkon in that way. Dark Spectre’s influence on Kimberly brings that pain out in her and he uses it to fuel her assault on Drakkon. Ironically by wounding her with the Dragon Dagger, Drakkon ultimately frees her.

This leads to the art of this issue. It is standard art and it is difficult to draw this type of issue. Not only are there multiple versions of characters but there are a lot of cameo appearances of other Ranger Teams and character faces throughout this issue. The most important character here is Ranger Slayer Kimberly and she is given a distinctive look.

Usually this character has been drawn as an older punk version of Kim Hart but here she is looking remarkably different. She looks more mature and might I add sight her hair and mature facial features, she is utterly gorgeous. Her maturity could come into play when she finds the Morphin Masters.


Final Thoughts

For anyone just picking up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116, I recommend at least reading the preceding issues of this arc, issues 112 through 115. This is a dynamic story along the same lines of Shattered Grid.


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mighty morphin power rangers #116 main cover
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116
Final Thoughts
For anyone just picking up this issue, I recommend at least reading the preceding issues of this arc, issues 112 through 115. This is a dynamic story along the same lines of Shattered Grid.
Final Score
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