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Marvel Comics Announces New Storm Ongoing Series

The New Storm Ongoing Series Follows News of Storm Going the Avengers


After announcing that she would be the newest member of the Avengers, Marvel announced that Storm would be getting her own series. The new Storm ongoing series is a part of the From the Ashes initiative the comic publisher is pushing in the aftermath of the Fall of X event. The new series will by written by Murewa Ayodele and drawn by Lucas Werneck. Mateus Manhanini is the cover artist for Storm #1.


From the press release:

Set in the X-Men’s highly anticipated From the Ashes era, STORM will be brought to life by Murewa Ayodele, the acclaimed writer behind Akogun: Brutalizer of Gods who made his Marvel debut last year with Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood and I Am Iron Man, and Lucas Werneck, the superstar artist known for his work on recent X-Men epics like Immortal X-Men and Sins of Sinister. Werneck also designed a stunning new costume for Storm’s exciting new venture into solo storytelling!


Storm has always been a prime protector of the planet. With the loss of Krakoa, that position becomes more important to her than ever. From her new super hero headquarters, Storm begins making decisions that will forecast the future of the Marvel Universe. Her bold actions will stir forces around and even beyond Earth, calling forth enemies that match her strength and determination. Storm has never needed a throne to rule the skies. Now, watch in awe as this new series elevates her to the heights that only she can reach!


Ororo Munroe has lived many lives. She’s been a thief, a goddess, an X-Man, a queen, and now…an Avenger! She is the most prominent, most respected and most powerful mutant on the world stage—and in that role, she intends to be a force for positive change. First up: a major meltdown at a nuclear facility in Oklahoma City draws Storm from her Sanctuary in Atlanta—and into a moral conflict that will test her iron resolve! As one of the year’s biggest launches, it’ll be packed with guest stars including Storm’s fellow Avengers, X-Factor’s Frenzy, and more!

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