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Review: Hawkgirl #6

In this review of Hawkgirl #6, the battle of Nth World erupts and in the end, a new knight surfaces.


Title:  Hawkgirl Issue 6:  Knight of the Nth World
Writer:  Jadzia Axelrod
Artist:  Amanda’s Nahuelpan
Color Artist:  Alex Guimaraes & Carrie Strachan
Letterer:  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover Artist:   Nahuelpan & Adriano Lucas
Variant Covers:  Derrick Chew; Jess Taylor (1:25)
Release Date:  December 19, 2023



This review contains spoilers


hawkgirl #6 main coverHawkgirl #6 – The Story

Hawkgirl #6 begins in Metropolis, where rescue workers race to save lives. Kat and Abilene struggle to help where they can but both are worried about Kendra and Taylor.

In Nth World, Hawkgirl continues to lay waste to the world in searching for Taylor. She does however find Vulpecula who has finally returned to the Nth World herself. She however is not willing to leave, instead she has hexed Galaxy and is using her as her champion. Galaxy is relentless but Hawkgirl is finally able to get through to her.

This leaves Hawkgirl and Vulpecula but they are not alone. The first victim Maureen was inhabited by the Aesop, Spirit of the Nth World, and it has had enough. It has kept the world crumbling by following the rule of retribution. Something Vulpecula, an inhabitant of this world has forgotten. As punishment the briars that surround the woman consume her leaving the three alone.

The damage to Nth World however must be repaired. The borders are going to collapse and it would take the sacrifice of millions to repair. Kendra who has had millions of lives prepares to sacrifice herself one more time to repair the borders. Kendra pleads with her not to do it but Kendra insists she must do this. She takes off and releases her past lives to join her. The lives fly off but Galaxy grabs her friend and pulls her from the border rescuing her. Aesop tells Kendra that Taylor threatened to break him apart atom from atom if he did not allow her to rescue Kendra.

The repair attempt stabilizes the borders however they are still open. Aesop can take care of anyone that enters Nth World but he cannot stop those that leave. Hawkgirl kneeled before Aesop, she will stop any excursion and Aesop knights her the Knight of Nth World and gives her a magic weapon that can transform into any form she needs. Galaxy and Hawkgirl return to the normal world.

The story ends with a party at Galaxy and Kate’s, Kendra arrives without her gear but she does have her weapon. Hawkgirl is alone but she also has friends.



Finally an issue that makes sense. Vulpecula is from Nth world and she is only trying to get home but her time on earth has make her forget the basic tenant of her homeland, retribution. This actually gives her purpose and in a sense it is a tragic purpose. All she wanted to do was go home but she became corrupted and in order to get the Nth metal she needed she made one sided deals that helped her but destroyed her victims. Aesop is the god of this world and he is forced to punish her for her oversight.

This gives dimension to this villain however she may be only as one note villain. I find it difficult we will ever see her again, at least not in this form. 

Just as Vulpecula is given purpose, the same thing can be said for Hawkgirl. She is not the defender of the earth against the evil forces of Nth world. She is free from her past lives and she is finally able to chart her own path. Her first action is to gather friends around her. I hope to see her again in the future without the burden of the hawks on her, just a character and hero on her own.

The art in Hawkgirl #6 is the same as the rest of this story. It definitely shows the fantastical elements of Nth World. We finally get a glimpse of the true form of Vulpecula, a fawn showing her real nature which highlights the tragedy of her end.


Final Thoughts

This is a fitting closing to both the story and the tortured existence of Kendra Saunders, a character I hope to see more of in the future. Yes, I would be all in for a relationship between her and Abilene. I think they would make a very loving couple, besides she would be able to put together the people Kendra breaks.


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hawkgirl #6 main cover
Hawkgirl #6
Final Thoughts
This is a fitting closing to both the story and the tortured existence of Kendra Saunders, a character I hope to see more of in the future.
Overall Score
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