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Review: Hawkgirl #3

In this review of Hawkgirl #3, Hawkgirl and Galaxy arrive in Gotham to talk to Batman about Vulpecula. After a conversation the three end up in a fight with Vulpecula and the Court of Owls.


Title: Hawkgirl #3
Writer: Jadzia Axelrod
Art: Amancay Nahuelpan
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Main Cover: Amancay Nahuelpan and Adriano Lucas
Variant Covers: Derrick Chew, Francis Manapul, Pablo “Lobos” Villalobos, and Mostafa Moussa
Release Date: September 19, 2023



hawkgirl #3 main coverPrologue

Hawkgirl #3 begins with a voice over from Kendra we witness the internment of Ava Diaz. One of the mourners is a man by the name of Farlane. We flashback to forty years ago. We witness a scared boy in the arms of Vulpecula. He whispers the word power. This afternoon, in Gotham. Farlane Candor is having a meeting with Bruce Wayne.  Their meeting is interrupted by Ava Diaz, his VP of Finance. Bruce takes this opportunity to scan a piece of metal.

Now we witness Alysia stepping out of her restaurant. She is immediately accosted by the Croc Bloc gang. In the sun a winged creature approaches, it is Hawkgirl. She and Galaxy engage the gang. Alysia identifies herself as the head chef and offers a free meal to her rescuers. Hawkgirl hesitates but Galaxy accepts.



The women along with Argus arrive in the cave to talk to Batman. Interestingly Batman talks about Ava Diaz which shocks Kendra who remembers having a conversation with Batman after her murder.  A conversation that Batman does not remember. Galaxy explains that they both may be correct. The Nth metal is from another dimension and because the metal is a part of Kendra, a part of her may be in that other dimension. Batman admits that the feather on Farlane’s desk is forty years older than the ones on Kendra’s back. The heroes head off to pay a visit to Candor.


Party Time

The heroes crash through a skylight interrupting a dance. Vulpecula is having a dance with Farlane. The guest list also includes Talons and a fight erupts. Several jump on Hawkgirl and she is able to knock them off of her in the sky. Upon Hawkgirl’s return, Vulpecula grabs a shard of Nth metal and stabs Farlane causing him to become an owl creature to attack Kendra, leaving Batman to deal with Vulpecula. The horse monster, one of her other creatures saves her. 

The owl creature in its struggle with Hawkgirl starts to get in Kendra’s head. In a rage she attacks the creature saying that no one knows her better than she knows herself. The owl creature disintegrates in front of her leaving the shard of Nth metal. 


Epilogue 1

The heroes part ways. Kendra and Galaxy find Alysia. They take Alysia up on her offer and Kendra removes her helmet and introduces herself.


Epilogue 2

Vulpecula returns to Metropolis with her horse creature. She is ready to raze Metropolis to the ground.



The art is the same that it has been in the previous issues. There are a couple of very dynamic panels. The first one is the arrival of Hawkgirl in Gotham. The artist creates a visual of a winged creature in the sun. It is the sun because the sky is colored a yellow orange. It could be drawn or dusk, my guess is dusk. The panel is gorgeous with Hawkgirl in the sun making it look like it could have been a bat. The second panel is the arrival of the heroes crashing through the glass. With the shattered glass this is a great dynamic action shot of the heroes arriving.

Story wise we get a possible explanation for the seemingly double stories we get in the beginning of each issue. From the conversation in the Batcave it is possible that we are witnessing two separate dimensions. Vulpecula could have the ability to traverse this dimension. The question remains why?

On a positive note, we get a little bit of a continuation of the Abilene plot. Abilene does not appear to be shocked about Kendra but she does want to talk to her so that is a good sight. I am rooting for these two to get together which would be a departure to how Hawk stories usually go.

Finally I would like to comment on Alysia. She made her introduction in Batgirl during the New 52. She actually is the first identified transgender character I actually encountered in comics. It is so good to see her appear here even though it is only a one off appearance. It just solidifies this book as one of the most queer represented books I have read since Tim Drake: Robin.


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hawkgirl #3 main cover
Hawkgirl #3
Dynamic action scenes
Beautiful art sequences
Some plot development
Catching up with a favorite side character (Alysia)
Unnecessary Batman issue
Overall Score

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