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Review: A Flash is Born in The Flash #798

In our review of The Flash #798, Wally faces one of his worst fears as Granny Goodness kidnaps his newborn son Wade. Never fear, however. Mr. Terrific and Hourman are here!

The Flash #798 – The Story

flash 798 main coverThere are just two issues of Jeremy Adams’ run on The Flash left, and he runs (pun completely and fully intended) to catch everything he can! This first issue in a two part arc before his 10 page story in The Flash #800 features the birth of Wade West, third child of Linda & Wally. The evil Granny Goodness of Apokalips immediately kidnaps him. This leads to a gathering of a team of heroes to get the new West baby back. Adams spends his time well, crafting solid dialogue for each character. It continues to have the same fun and polish honed in TV scripts as the rest of the run. He also manages to get in the first meeting of Gold Beetle and Wally West, hinted at since the very first arc in 2021.

Adams clearly loves playing with Mister Terrific, with his huge science lab, team of Terrifics, Terrific spaceship, and more. The whole thing, despite the seriousness of the kidnapping plot, brings a joy & excitement permeated since the first issue of Adams’ run. There is a sense that the characters are heroic and competent, despite the challenges they face.

My Thoughts

The only real drawback of this issue is the sense that there’s so much more story that could be told. Adams clearly wants to leave Wally & his family in the best place possible. He also clearly had huge, huge plans to expand the world of the Flash family. It feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of Wally’s job at Mister Terrific’s company and his relationship with his boss. They do a nice job in referencing Michael’s lost family. More of that kind of thing would be great! Similarly, they revealed Linda’s pregnancy roughly 7 months ago. It barely feels like weeks of in-universe time, and now we have a whole new baby!

One wonders just how much Adams could reasonably figure out to do with Linda and the baby. Given the compression required of comics… but I would love to see what he came up with. And seeing Jai and Irey’s growing relationship with their new brother… the sense of bittersweet loss continues. Upcoming writer Si Spurrier seems to be keeping the relationship status quo that Adams built. However, only time will tell if we’ll get similar types of relationship issues as those seen with the daddy-daughter dance, or Wally being able to heal Jai.

The Art

Longtime Adams collaborator Fernando Pasarin draws most of the first half of the book, with inks by Oclair Albert. The work continues to be very detailed and well composed. It also continues to have serious lack of appeal. His faces are too round and slightly off. His poses are just a bit too twisted around. It causes sympathetic spasms of pain. Will Robson handles most of the second half of the book. While his work is significantly less detailed, it’s full of charm and appeal. Matt Herms colors the entire issue. He provides rich, colorful tints. This is perfect for a classic four-color hero like the Flash.


the flash 798 panel
The West welcomes the newest addition to the family. (Credit: DC Comics)
The Covers

Taurin Clarke’s main cover once again reflects the main story best of all the cover options. A transparent Linda hugs tiny Wade in the background and a space-suited Wally and Mr. Terrific float to the rescue. The terrifying planet Apokalyps is thematically connected to Granny Goodness’s threat. They use the same image for the 1-in-50 foil variant. Mike Perkins and Mike Spicer’s cover B features a Flash running past the page. There’s a huge lightning and speed-lines effect forming the background.



Ethan Young’s cover C shows Wally running towards the reader, through a city warped by speed. However, it’s not as much as the Perkins cover. Serg Acuna’s 1-in-25 incentive variant is fantastic. It shows Wally running with a huge group of Flashes, including Linda, Barry, Bart, Ace, Max, Avery, Jay, and Jesse. It’s a very “end of the series” type of cover. A bit of a bummer it’s an incentive, unless you’re already the type who collects them. In which case, this gets a firm thumbs up!

Editor’s note: If you want to read our previous review of The Flash, please check it out here.

The Flash #798

Overall Rating

4 Stars

As Jeremy Adams brings his fantastic Flash run to a close, his final two-issue arc begins with a baby and a bang!

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