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Impulse & Kid Flash Take Center Stage in The Flash #792: Review

As the Flash Family regroups from the Fraction’s first assault, Impulse and Kid Flash launch a daring raid on the enemy’s base, with surprising results in this comic review of The Flash #792!

The Flash #792 – The Story and Thoughts

flash 792 main cover
The main cover from The Flash #792 (Image Credit: DC Comics)

In The Flash #792, Jeremy Adams, clearly starts off the “act two” of One Minute War with a quiet, sad moment of Barry mourning Iris. This reviewer at least still thinks she’s probably not dead. But kicks into overdrive once again with the brilliantly zany Kid Flash and Impulse raid on the Fraction base. We see more of the middle-boss Miss Murder, a hunter whose only sense is thought. This becomes a nicely tailored challenge for the all-impulse-all-the-time Bart.

The Admiral, whose backstory was featured in the One Minute War Special, displays some real Darth Vader tendencies in this very Star Wars “rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star” issue. The revelation of Gorilla Grodd, Superman, and Captain Atom rescued (though frozen in the Fraction’s speed force field), as well as the human (or possibly some kind of humanoid alien) powering the Fraction’s ships develop our plot nicely – feeling unexpected but perfectly plausible given the zany, literally off the wall nature of the One Minute War concept.


flash panel wallace and bart
Wallace can’t trust Bart to do things without getting in trouble. (Credit: DC Comics)

Roger Cruz’s pencils, beautifully finished by Wellington Dias on inks, and Luis Guerrero’s bright and evocative colors continue to render this one of the most consistent books on the shelf visually. Unlike some other books that clearly scheduled at the last moment (like this week’s Amazing Spider-Man), Cruz renders all of the characters, both in close up and long shots, clearly and with great appeal. The adventure has a sense of being through very cool & solid spaces. This contrast to some adventures which feel like they take place in front of a green-screen. Hopefully, Cruz will stay on the book after this arc. He has proven himself on the Robin series with Williamson. It now continues brilliantly on this One Minute War arc!

The Covers of the Flash #792 Continue to Shine

Taurin Clarke continues to paint gorgeous & energetic main covers. It also comes in a beautiful foil variant for the 1:50 incentive. This cover features Impulse and Kid Flash Ace as they take over the Fraction ship. It really captures the energy of their interaction in this issue. Daniel Bayliss’s cardstock Variant B has Flash running down a building holding a little girl as he doesn’t look at the explosion behind him (because he is a cool guy) – a great Flash piece, but doesn’t really connect to anything in the issue.

flash 792 variant cover
The Flash #792 cardstock variant over by Serg Acuna (Credit: DC Comics)

Frequent guest artist of this run Serg Acuna provides cardstock Variant C, with Wally and Linda (as Flash) running on water together. This is a very cute cover (and my personal favorite). It doesn’t really connect to the interiors of the book. However, it does connect more directly with the ongoing characters and arc of the run! Mateus Manhanini draws Kid Flash Ace in the Black History Month cover. Wallace races along with several black kids, joy on all their faces as they run through many gorgeous white doves in the sky. Scott Kolins pencils the 1:25 incentive cover. It’s a brutal action shot of Flash stomping right in front of the reader. The Speed Force has lightning flaring all around him, rocks flying everywhere!

Overall, the main cover (or the foil variant) makes the most sense to me for collection coherence. I did personally pick up the Serg Acuna Wally & Linda piece for its sweetness. The fact that Acuna is a pretty prominent guest artist for Adams’s Flash also helps.

The Flash #792

Overall Rating

3.5 Stars

Overall, the main cover (or the foil variant) makes the most sense to me for collection coherence, though I did personally pick up the Serg Acuna Wally and Linda piece for its sweetness and the fact that Acuna is a pretty prominent guest artist for Adams’s Flash.

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