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Review: Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1

In this review of Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1, we see a continuation of a backup story published in the Power Girl Special #1.  Clark sets up Fire and Ice to go to Smallville and live with his mother, Martha.





The issue opens with Fire feeling sorry for herself.  She is sitting outside a burning building in downtown Smallville.  Ice arrives and chastises her and then works to try to extinguish the fire.


Two Weeks Earlier

Fire and Ice arrive at their new place.  Fire does not want to stay at the Kent farm so she has their robot friend L-Ron acquire a new headquarters.  What he is able to do is get them the only rental in Smallville, a hair salon.  Ice is feeling hopeful and she is starting to like the idea of running a salon. However, that is far from Fire’s mind.  She wants to set up a superhero base and she has brought with her dossiers on the threats that no one monitors.  Fire wants to make a name for herself, and tracking down these threats will do just that.  Ice however believes that Superman offered them an opportunity to reflect on what is important.

Martha Kent interrupts the conversation. She brought pie.  In the conversation it is revealed that Superman’s identity is a secret again and that J’onn J’onzz set up a neural link that saved the memories of a select few including these women.  Martha is happy to have someone to share the secret.  She tells Ice that she and Fire balance each other out much like she and Jonathan.  Martha suggests that the girls go and grab lunch.  Ice says that Fire needs time to cool off. She and Martha leave.




Ice unfortunately runs into a young woman knocking the papers out of her hands.  The woman recognizes Ice as the new owner of “The Big Tease”, the name of the hair salon.  Martha introduces Ice to Tamarino, she is a former stylist who worked at the Tease.  She is actually there to hopefully apply for her job back with the new owners.  Tamarino tells Tora that she is also a nail tech and makeup artist.  Tora hires her on the spot and she and Martha continue to lunch and Tamarino runs into the salon.

She is soon interrupted by Fire who does not know who she is.  L-Ron offers her a slice of Martha’s apple pie.  Bea soon realizes that Ice hired her.  She and L-Ron leave to film something.

At the sky diner Martha and Tora are talking.  Tora talks about family and love.  Tora admits that she never had the chance to experience a normal life.  Martha introduces her to the waitress Rocky and they are interrupted by Tora’s phone.  She finds that Fire filmed a video promoting her as a hero for hire of some kind.  She extends a challenge for anyone thinking evil thoughts.



Booming sounds come from the Big Tease.   L-Ron reports that something mammoth is approaching.  This causes Fire to fly out of the building and Ice also responds.  King Shark turns out to be the one making the noise. As Fire prepares to intercept, Superman interrupts her by swooping in and snatching the creature.  Ice chastises Fire for the video and for bringing Superman to Smallville.  Fire is mad that Superman showed up but the argument between the girls intensifies and Fire storms off and goes upstairs.

In addition Tamarino mentions filming Superman and she accuses Fire and Ice of being a couple of “Karens” this causes Fire to flare her powers and continue the argument with the girl.

In the aftermath.  Tamarino and Ice are cleaning up the salon.  Ice is describing what Fire was trying to do and Tamarino pulls a dossier off the wall.  She recognizes Lot’s Wife.  Tamarino knows her as Gina Lombardi.  L-Ron comes in with a freshly baked pie.  He relates Lombardi’s power set; she can turn any object into salt, an object that melts ice and puts out fires.

Martha interrupts the two.  She has brought her book club to the salon.  L-Ron set up a grand opening of the salon.  Tamarino gets to work.  Marha asks if Bea will be joining them,  Tora tells her that she is upstairs and Tamarino leaves to rouse the girl.

Tamarino tells Fire that there is a party downstairs and she thinks Tora is sad.  Bea snaps at Tamarino saying that she is trying to regain her dignity and slams the door in the girl’s face and collapses on her bed.  She makes a call and calls Ambush Bug.  She needs to kick his but and film it to make money.  Bug says that he will pay Bea for that.


Final Analysis

The art style is cartoony, which does match this type of story.  It is overall a light-hearted comedy and that is evident by the introduction of Ambush Bug.  It is also evident in the design of Killer Shark.  He is drawn as large but he is not threatening in any way.  He is drawn goofy and he is easily taken down.  This is just a vehicle to lead to the argument between the two main characters.

The colors are also bright and dynamic which is definitely an indication of the overall topic and tone of this story.  There are no major threats, this is just a comedy and character piece.

For the story itself, there are no major threats.  It is even stated that the villains Fire has the dossiers for are minor villains at best and many of them could be just misunderstood.

The piece itself contrasts the main characters of Fire and Ice.  Fire believes that the two are being punished for Baltimore while Ice is saying that their time in Smallville is just Superman being helpful and wanting the help the two girls get better grounding.  Fire is more interested in elevating their respect and Ice really just wants to exist and be happy.  This is evident in the lunch sequence where Ice really talks about wanting a family and love while Fire films and releases her open challenge.

Personally Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1 is not my favorite type of story but that is my own personal opinion.  I do have an interest to see where this goes in the future.

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fire and ice: welcome to smallville #1 main cover
Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1
Final Thoughts
Personally this is not my favorite type of story but that is my own personal opinion.  I do have an interest to see where this goes in the future.
This is a light-hearted story featuring two underused characters.
There is no real lasting impact to this story.
Overall Score
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