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Dynamite Reveals Covers for ThunderCats #5

Covers for ThunderCats #5 Come from Luccio Parrillo, Jae Lee, and Others


Dynamite Entertainment released details and covers for ThunderCats #5 on Thursday (April 11th). The issue, written by Declan Shalvey, will be an one-shot issue that also bridges the first two arcs of the new series. Joining Shalvey on this issue will be artist Stephen Mooney. Mooney also draws the main cover for the issue.

“It was a thrill and a challenge to be asked to come aboard a title that’s forging such a ferocious path right now,” Stephen Mooney said in the press release. “When the Cheetara-centric story was mentioned to me, I jumped at the chance, as she was always my favourite ‘Cat and I could already see several compelling ways to take her. Working with Declan is always a bonus, as we know each other so well outside of work and had plenty of opportunity to bounce ideas off one-another. He and Drew Moss have established such a compelling narrative in this book, that it was an absolute pleasure to come in and add to it.”

Take a look at the covers for ThunderCats #5 provided to The Comic Book Spot by Dynamite Entertainment below.



From the press release on the cover for ThunderCats #5:

The beloved crew of ThunderCats are led by Lion-O, destined for that role. Though he has the body of an adult, his unexpected accelerated growth has resulted in his physical strength and abilities outpacing his grasp on everything inside his head. His skills, strategies, and emotions are a continuing challenge to hone, with the goal to achieve the kind of maturity required by all great leaders.


Luckily, Lion-O is surrounded by a few seasoned veterans to help him refine his mind and body. In the epic aftermath of the Third-Earth-shattering events of the first story arc – no spoilers! – this special standalone issue serves as both a perfect highlight and chance to jump right in for new readers enticed by the glowing reviews and word of mouth on the title. “Training Day” features Cheetara putting Lion-O through the ringer, with some painful combat lessons as he learns to master his temper.


ThunderCats #5 and the focus on Cheetara not only bridges the first two big arcs of the epic, smash-hit title, but it may also be setting up even more exciting developments for the comic book series…

ThunderCats #5 releases in June to comic shops everywhere and digitally in June.

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