DCU Spotlight Review: Spirit World #5
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DCU Spotlight Review: Spirit World #5

Overview: In Spirit World #5, Cassandra Cain, John Constantine, and Xanthe continue their journey to the Jade Court. Are they being used to open the door to the Jade Tower?

Title: Spirit World #5
Writer: Alyssa Wong
Artist: Haining
Colorist: Sebastian Cheng
Letterer: Steve Wands
Cover: Haining and Sebastian Cheng
Variant Cover: Yoshi Yoshitani and Andrea Shea
Release Date: September 26, 2023


This comic book review contains spoilers

We pick up where Spirit World #4 ended. Xanthe Zhou is being attacked by the possessed Cassandra Cain and John Constantine. They are struggling mightily against the greatest sorcerer and martial artists alive. Xanthe does have an idea. They convince Constantine and Cass to grab the hilt of her sword. They form a circle, and Xanthe convinces the other two to enter the circle. Xanthe casts a spell which weakens the one controlling the two other heroes. The pull is still there, but it is weaker. Unfortunately this means that the spell has to be completely broken before Cass and Constantine can return to the living world. 

The creature from Spirit World #3 is seen again, and she is starting to attack the residents of the Spirit World. These poor people call for help from the Jade Court, a group that we learn is just as corrupt as the creatures here. The Jade Court hears the calls for help, but the members stay the hand of their enforcer.

Xanthe, Cass, and Constantine discuss their current predicament.  Xanthe suggests that Cass and Constantine’s minds were not affected by the magic that controlled their bodies because they still have strong connections to the living world. They also come across the door to the Jade Tower. Xanthe realizes that Po Po may have been part of the Jade Court herself. 

The Gilded General is finally released to attack the rampaging spirit monster. The two engage in compact. 

At the door, the three heroes join to open the seal and arrive at the site of the battle. Xanthe recognizes this place, and the Gilded General engages Xanthe. The spirit monster has other ideas; she needs the heroes to open the door.

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