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DCU Spotlight Review: Spirit World #4

Overview: In Spirit World #4, Xanthe Zhou, John Constantine, and Cassandra Cain’s trek continues. They find that they are on the most wanted list.

Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead): In the Spirit World, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), John Constantine, and Xanthe Zhou find themselves alone in an abandoned building. Unaware to them, something is lurking in this building, and it’s reaching for them. Constantine steps in something soft. Then, they discover that they are inside a living collective that has already collected the inhabitants, and now it wants them. The three fight for their lives. All Xanthe is able to create with their paper is a bat, but it’s not enough for this fight. Xanthe can hear the residents calling to them for help. Xanthe calls out not to hurt the inhabitants, and Cass is grabbed by something. She quickly realizes it is a fusion, and she is able to escape while calling out a warning to the others. Constantine is likewise grabbed, and Cass is quickly smothered. Xanthe wishes they had a sword so that they could cut the sorcerer free, but again, they would be slicing into innocent people. Cass suggests an exorcism, but Constantine is able to free her with his magic.

Elsewhere, Po Po, Bowen, and Shen are also fighting.  Bowen finds some more Joss paper, and Po Po hops on his back. He and Shen run to try to connect with the others. Shen is touched, and this enrages him for this thing dared to touch a god.  Shen changes into the Divine Fox, the Soul Devourer, and attacks. Bowen throws the paper to Xanthe, and they form a sword to perform the exorcism.


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