DCU Spotlight Review: Knight Terrors: Ravager #2
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DCU Spotlight Review: Knight Terrors: Ravager #2

Overview: In Knight Terrors: Ravager #2, Ravager (Rose Wilson) fights her Doppelganger in an attempt to stop the Murder Man from entering her world.

Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead): In the Nightmare Realm, the Nightmare version of Ravager (Rose Madison), along with Slaughter Squadron members Rager and Vexor, is searching for  the real-world’s Ravager (Rose Wilson). Wilson is wounded from a surprise attack by Rose Madison. Wilson takes cover behind a wall, seen by a couple looking outside their window. They urge Ravager to leave, fearing the Murder Man will find out. Just then the roof to the house is ripped off. The couple is then fused into a two-headed spider that attacks Rose Wilson. During the attack, the creature chides at Rose, blaming her for what happened to them. Rose tries not to injure the spider, avoiding it when she can, and runs for cover in a nearby factory.  The evil Rose, however, does not take too kindly to the spider’s failure, killing it. This evil Rose then orders Rager and Vexor to pursue Ravager. Ravager, however, decides to take the fight to the two pursuers instead of hiding. 

In the real world’s Star City, Ravager’s body is brought to a diner by Stormwatch. They discover that she is in a coma. It is decided to wake her up, but shaking her and splashing water will not work. Peacekeeper-01 (Sean Mahoney) has an idea using some vials of chemicals.

In the Nightmare Realm, the evil Rose joins the fight, injuring Ravager further.  Ravager tries to reason with her duplicate, telling her that the Murder Man is like her Deathstroke. He has no intention of taking Rose Madison with him, instead, he will abandon her. Murder Man finally makes an appearance. Murder Man tells Ravager that his Rose, Rose Madison, knows that she cannot come with him. Instead, she is to rule the Nightmare Realm in his stead. Ravager tries to kick the monstrosity to no effect. Instead, he throws Ravager to the ground and orders his Rose to cut her spine. Ravager defends and cuts down the remaining henchmen. Her final strike is to throw her sword at Murder Man, who dodges easily. She identifies that Murder Man is just a walking bucket of blood. Wilson opens a drum that floods the area with a chemical that freezes Murder Man where he stands. Ravager throws her sword again, this time disintegrating Murder Man. She turns to Rose Madison; Ravager has freed her from Murder Man. Rose turns back to a human girl just as Ravager awakens in the real world.

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